I miss the DOT the Flame Sword had on its stab attack in VT1 (THEY DID IT! Thanks Fatshark!)

Back in vt1, I was one of the few that preferred flame sword over regular sword, and it was purely because the third attack in its combo, the stab, did dot flame damage. It doesn’t seem to any more in 2 for some reason, can we get that back? It really helped set it apart from regular sword, I felt.


the first heavy attack does aoe fire dot damage, quite noticeable. after some usage you can tell when to leave enemies burning on the ground while u do other stuff because the dot will finish them off.

i’m not a sienna main tho, but i like the flame sword too

The second heavy also does DoT. It’s not huge, but it’s there.

Mhm, I’m well aware of the charged attacks still having dot. I’m talking purely about the stab attack, third attack into the light combo. Having even just one attack on the light attacks do dot was really helpful and fun to use. I think the charged attacks still have their place for initiating, kiting, and fighting big enemies, but they’re pretty slow and not ideal for every situation. Dot on stab would be, and used to be, wonderful for mixed crowds of trash and tough enemies.

Holy Shigmar, patch today added it, thanks Fatshark!