So. About that flame sword stab igniting enemies

It was supposedly patched in at some point, i do remember that but the DoT stab is still not there. The weapon is already quite underwhelming so can we make it a little bit less crap by adding a feature to it that was supposed to be in the first place?


Alterantively, the armor piercing. Which was also there. And then it wasn’t. FALCHION gets to have it, but not the flame sword? Pardon me?


I agree! Siennas melee weps need just a little bit of love. Not a lot…just a little!

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That was my favorite weapon for unchained + conflagration until they destroyed it by removing the AP… Why can’t they just add varying amounts of armor penetration to all of the melee weapons?

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Yeah I agree! Melee weapon choice for Legend feels very limited! Yeah I know…roles and all. Still I feel like due to the amount of armor in Legend it would be nice to at least be able to do a little bit of damage with some weapons.

Well, your wish is granted! You can tickle CWs to death anytime with flaming sword :smiley:


Mace too, it deals no “damage over time” as it states in the weapon description. Sienna has no armor piercing weapons too.

Ok that is not true. Mace applies dot on first charged swing, and also its first light and heavy attacks have good armor pen. And the fact that those are the first attacks in a chain means that mace is a pretty damn good weapon against armor if you block-cancell it.

Dagger is decent vs armor, but you have to hit enemies in the head with second heavy attack. HS push-stab would also deal decent damage to armored targers with 5 second dot it applies.

Yeah the Sienna mace dot does apply like @darksky stated and has armor pen on the attacks @darksky noted. Block cancelling is the way to go.
Stilk can take quite a few “bops” to a CW head to kill him on legend.
Also dagger second charge to head.

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