My opinion on most Melee weapons after 488 hours

Before i get to the weapons:
Like this post already suggests

no weapon should be terrible at dealing with armor, at least when you use it correctly.
There are just to many armored enemys on legend.

  1. You can pick a Anti armor ranged weapon to make up for the lack of ap on your melee weapon.
  • In my experience this only works for very few careers. For Huntsman of Bounty hunter for example. But a 12 shot musket wont save your footknigt or mercenary. You have about 60 armored enemys per run in my experience and something like 40 special who you have to use your ranged weapon for too. Also there are a lot of situations where you can’t simply switch to your ranged weapon.
  1. Your Team has to deal with armored enemys.
  • Maybe this works with friends by using a voice chat. But in my experience this does not work with random players. Once you are engaged by a horde, some specials and maybe even a boss, they just won’t have the time/overview to notice that you have trouble with some armored enemys. Also you will have situations, especially in Quickplay, where nobody in your team has great anti armor weapons. Believe me playing war camp with nobody in your team being good at dealing with ap is really not fun… Also what if the teamates with good ap weapons got downed or killed. What do you do when a horde with three stormvermin and one CW is chasing you with your longsword as weapon.
  1. Its boring when every weapon is good at everything .
  • Yeah thats true of course. But even weapons that are bad at ap should deal good damage with charged headshots. Like @Bioshift is suggesting in his post. That’s also the point where non ap weapons are different than most (or all) ap weapons. You have to go for difficult and risky charged headshots.

Now i talk about the weapons.

First shields in general.

  • One of the main selling points of shield in reallity is that you can block attacks while you attack at the same time. This should be possible in the game too. Shields should have a special attack (on the same button as the pistol on rapier) where you can strike and block at the same time. Ways to balance this. Slow movement speed while doing this, bad vision because of the shield, maybe no 360 block angle, maybe slowly losing stanima while doing that or losing more stamina when blocking attacks in this mode.
    To be honest i don’t think that this is enough to make them really viable. But it would make them very unique. Also you can still make slight adjustments like more armor penetration on charged headshots and maybe a bit greater dodge distance.


  • One handed sword:
    right now its faster to kill armored enemys by spamming light attacks istead of using charged attacks.
    I need 10 charged headshots on legend to kill a stormvermin, with +10 against skaven, +10 against infantry and +10 against armor. On the other hand i only need circa 6 light attacks that are faster and easier to aim.
    Charged attacks should deal way more damage against armor (5 headshots should defenitely be enough.) The third light attack should deal as much damage as a charged one and not more than double as much.

  • Sword and Shield:
    Push attack should deal more damage than third light attack on armored enemys. same for charged attacks.

  • executioner swor:
    It’s fine i think.

  • Halberd:
    Halberd is the strongest weapon in the game in my opinion. The cleave + reach makes it very good at dealing with hordes and it has nice AP. I wouldn’t like to see any of its aspects nerfed because i think they all make sense. I the best way to balance it would be to not allow player to equip a ranged weapon, when they take halberd. Its a very big hard to carry weapon so why not. Also this would make the halberd weak on huntsman. I don’t understand anyway why huntsman is allowed to use the halberd.
    First charged should deal more damage against unarmored and armored enemys than the first light attack. second charged attack (stab) should deal the most damage against armored enemys. followed by third light (overhead) together with second light attack (stab) followed by first charged followed by first light.

  • One handed Mace:
    I think its fine.

  • Mace and Shield:
    This weapon is horrible. More damage on Headshots against armor. One charged attack should be dedicated to deal with armor.

  • Two handed Hammer:
    i like it how it is.

  • Two handed Sword:
    Please give it more reach. I beg you. I know your reason why it has same range as one handed sword.
    My opinion about the reason:
    @Yzneftamz summs it up perfeclty in this post.
    2H Sword Reach < Falchion Reach...? - #5 by SpaceJellyKing
    Additionaly visually two handed is as long as exec sword but somehow has less reach.
    Also the wind up for the light attacks is a bit to slow. I only use Two handed sword on mercenary with swift slaying and max attack speed. Else its just to slow. Maybe a tiny bit more AP so that with the right breakpoints you can three hit kill a stromvermin with charged headshots and two if you get a crit?
    Of course things like stab attacks, halfswording and mordhau would be awesome as special or normal attacks, but i know this is not going to happen.


  • Axe:
    Only used it on ranger so far and it was pretty good.

  • one handed hammer:
    like mace

  • Axe and shield:
    should be ok if my suggestion about shields get implemented.

  • two handed axe:
    Don’t know how tho feal about that light attack headshots deal less damage than charged ones.

  • Hammer and Shield:
    Like mace and shield.

  • Pickaxe:
    Never used it so far.


  • Double Dagger:
    Will use it as soon as phantom swings are fixed.

  • sword and Dager:
    Like them.

  • Double sword:
    Haven’t used it so far.

  • Spear:
    First charged a bit less ap damage, second charged a bit more.

  • Glaive:
    its fine.

  • One handed sword:
    In my opinion it deals way to much ap damage on its charged attack. Third light attack on the other hand could deal more damage against armored with headshots.

  • Two handed sword:
    Will finally use it again once the push attack bug is fixed.
    Strange behaviour on some weapons
    It didn’t even get acknowledged…


  • Rapier:
    I think rapier should be limited to Witch hunter captain. Pistol should deal more damage especially on low range. Should also have limited ammo like in v1. Right now i absolutely never use the pistol. Else its fine for me.

  • Falchion:
    Charged attacks should deal a bit more damage than third light on armored enemys. First and second light shouldn’t do ap damage.

  • Flail:
    I like it.


I think they missed a lot of opportunitys on sienna especially with her fire melee weapons. I think they should have special attacks that deal a huge amount of fire damage but also generate overcharge. With unchained one playstyle should be that you constantly stay in very hight overcharge by using special attacks with youre close combat weapons. That way you deal incredible damage but you are only one hit away from overcharging and exploding with the possibility to save yourself once with ult. Would be a very high risk very high reward playstyle very different to all the other playstyles. This would also make fire sword more useful. Normal one handed sword has same problems as Krubers.


pickaxe is great, except for one thing - it’s attack speed is really really abysmal. You either need a potion ranger using it with a str or speed potion to increase its cleave / attack speed, or use it on a slayer. The best part about it is that it’s light attacks will still stagger storm vermin / maulers / chaos warriors mixed into a horde - so you can pretty much left mouse spam delete a horde - and a regular heavy melee attack more or less does the same amount of damage as a slayer’s dual axe heavy melee

personally, for Elf, think her best weapons are dual dagger first and glaive second. DD just does so much damage so quickly - with E precision the handmaiden can 1 heavy melee headshot storm vermin and 4 heavy melee bodyshot chaos warriors. And her heavy melees with dual daggers are faster than some weapons light attacks. However it’s a risky and dangerous weapon to use, but definately worth if it you’re host or can master its low cleave. Glaive on balance is a much safer all rounded weapon but what you get in huge cleave and crowd control / security is pretty poor boss damage. Not because the weapon is weak but just because it attacks quite slowly. If youre the last man standing as an elf with a glavie you essentially cant solo a troll because it just regens all the damage you do. but with dual daggers it’s entirely possible for an elf to solo a troll

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Is Pickaxe slower than two handed axe?

Is this supposed to read that 1h sword > glaive?

even 2h hammer slower than 2h axe, so i believe yes, pick axe slower

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1h sword feels really “light”, but still heavy somehow. dont stagger much, weak pushes, low damage per hit on horde, slow w/o at least 5% ats. 2 hit sv on head (pretty fast tho), but after halberd or spear low damage on infantry, low reach and low stagger makes you question “what… what are you?”. could definitly have at least falch numbers vs infantry.

my personal opinion that if weapon can somehow deal with armor (not as bad as mace and shield) better would be one that wrecks hordes also, which glaive and spear does, and sword definitly not

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