Tweak weapons

To get more fun out the game, it would be nice if all weapons were modified to function well in legend.

For an example, I like the spear more than the glaive, and I have a completly different playstyle with spear. Talents, trinkets and charms are not the same as when I use glaive. It so great to be able to change playsstyle and not play the same elf all the time.

Problem is that as soon I play legend (HM) nothing works as good as the glaive. There is no tactical reason to not take glaive, hence I get locked in the same playstyle all the time.

It would be so nice if more weapons worked on armor, and on legend you realy need that.

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Flogging a dead horse mate, I completely agree, however there’s already been a lot of discussion saying exactly that.

The most recent patch did just that! SnD 2nd charged attack and DnD charged attack now do great damage to armoured enemies.

Spear has some great mobility, range and fast attacks, so giving it huge armour damage would just make it too strong. Instead you’ll want to keep your distance and either spam charged attacks or do a light attack > charged attack combo to only get the stab charged attack on heads.

2h Sword fix is in the pipeline. The charged attack does great damage too, but to reset by pressing block and then doing another charged attack is delayed, so the second charged attack becomes a push-slash. Once this is fixed that weapon will be awesome too.

Dual Swords and Spear are the only weapons which have a harder time against armour, but make up for it in other ways.

All the shield weapons?

That’s FS balance for ya.

Not a fan of the Glaive tbh. I just use my 2h-sword or occasionally the Spear if I get bored. Never really had a problem running Legend with it.

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I was only going over Kerillian’s weapons because OP mentioned them.

I’m not sure of any change to Kruber’s Shield weapons or Bardin’s Mace and Shield. I didn’t see any patch notes about it, but some things have been ghost buffed. I’ll have to test them.

From the exp before this patch, I’ll say that I found them less than adequate. The move sets and damage left a lot to be desired.

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Changing the heavy pattern from V1 to avoid shield bash spam really gutted them, was annoying throwing SV everywhere but at least you could do something to them.

Havent tested them recently but I’d be surprised if they’ve gained any useability.

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Try Dual Daggers, they are finicky, but super fun, and you can one-shot Stormvermin if you hit their head!

I know that spear is nice, but it don’t do well on legend. Somebody did claim that it takes 22 charged hits to kill a CW. Spear have a different playstyle than glaive, but imho there is nothing spear brings to the table that glaive can’t do. Spear gives all what you say, but there is never a moment i wished “why did i bring the glaive, i should have taken spear”. If bring spear to legend, I know for sure that i will wish that i had taken the glaive. Hence spear and many other weapons needs buffs.

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Somebody did claim that it takes 22 charged hits to kill a CW.

18 stabs to the body or 8 to the head unless you bring +%dmg equipment or you crit :slight_smile:

Still better than Dual Swords with their 30 body noncrits. :laughing:

Sweet, sweet daggers with their 3x head-kill of CW with just a few % boost.

Same, I really enjoy sword + shield on FK Kruber on Champion, it’s fun to go toe-to-toe with a huge mixed horde and be pretty much indestructable, but the AP is just too dang low. The AP attacks are buried behind other attacks (push-stab, 2nd charged, 3rd light) and do measly armor damage even with headshot. I find I can control everything really well but it just takes forever to kill heavy targets.

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Strangely enough, I find spear really good on Legend. If you’re fast enough and accurate enough, the headshot spam and movement really make up for no armor damage. You can keep a safe range on enemies and focus on small enemies around armour. This frees your team up to help with elites.

Most weapons have issues with CWs, but the other careers have weapons and ults that can make up for it. Glaive is overly versatile and one of the best weapons in the game. If you’re too used to it, it may seem like other weapons are worthles, but you just have to play to their strengths.

I’ve been in the same situation of wishing I had a different weapon, but it’s up to you how versatile and strong a weapon you want to pick. For QP with randoms Glaive is probably safest because of that. With a premade you can select roles etc.

I’ll definitely give it a go tomorrow.

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All weapons should have a minimum of armor penetration, something similar to falchion, which is a cutting weapon but has hit against armor.

How’s that gonna help? LMB spam armor dps will still come mostly from crits and charged attacks will still be better against armor. I think current system is fine, and adding 1 or 2 armor damage to light attacks will not change much.

Unless by “minimum” armor penetration you mean “decent” armor penetration, but with that I can’t agree even more.

Why do you asume everyone is using crit build?

You claim that adding 1 or 2 armor damage will not change much.

Do you understand why weapons as glaive is so powerfull?

You should look at your team composition. If you have a huntsman and bounty hunter on your team. Handmaiden with spear would be the way to go. What the spear lacks in armor damage makes up with a superior horde clear.
Glaive is boring af imo anyway. Nothing but sweeps and a charged attack taking ages to pull off.

With “minimal” I mean that it does more than 0 damage. It’s ridiculous.