Sienna's mace needs an update

The mace is in a really bad spot. I’d say it’s the worst weapon in the game.
Each of the three tags are awfully inaccurate. I’ll explain why.

  • High damage: It deals no more damage on light attacks than other weapons. It has one good light attack that is a downward smash but you have to block cancel to keep using it. It has 0 armor damage on other lights despite being a 2-handed slow weapon. Its heavy attacks are incredibly slow yet deal half as much armor damage as “High Damage” weapons for other heroes. Unless you consider block cancelling for the one downward headsweep good enough, the mace is terrible for killing things, especially armor.

  • Damage over Time: You can deal DOT damage with the first heavy attack. But if you keep doing heavies you never combo into it again. No light attacks chain into the DOT heavy either which is inconsistent compared to every other weapon in the game. Also the DOT doesn’t even target more than one enemy. It has zero cleave.

  • Wide sweeps: It has decent sweeps on push-attacks for a short chain. But if you try to chain light-attack sweeps then it’s useless. The light combos are more like X’s. Better for hitting a few things in the center of your screen and not for dealing with crowds. Its heavy attack sweeps are even worse. They’re slow, deal low damage and hit at a sharp upward angle. Which means no headshots and it hits fewer enemies.
    There’s one specific sweep that’s terrible and makes you hit the ground when aiming at short enemies. The second light in the chain that comes up from the ground? It’s so weird.

So there’s really nothing the mace excels at. It’s slow, its damage could be better, its sweeps are inaccurate. I feel people only use it as a challenge.

To improve the mace. Its going to need guaranteed armor damage on light attacks. It is the one melee weapon in Sienna’s arsenal that deserves to deal 70-100 points of damage against unarmored enemies on some attack. Make the DOT smash wider, similar to the flail’s. Change -all- sweeping attacks. Heavy and light to hit at the same level. The same as the greatsword for saltzpyre and kruber. The last thing is very important for Legend and Cataclysm, make the attacks faster.


To be fair, a good 60-70% of the weapons needs an update, because they are worthlessly bad.


Other weapons tend to be good in some aspects at least. The mace doesn’t stand out in any useful category.
The next ones that are bad after mace are all the greatswords. Notably kerillian’s since it sweeps at the same useless upward angles that can’t land headshots or hit as many enemies. At least it can do armor damage on heavies.

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Sienna’s mace is genuinely useless IMO. It’s a two-handed weapon, and has all the drawbacks that go with that (slow speed, slow movement, hard to go into block mid-swing) but none of the advantages. It actually does less damage then the Sword, and has about the same level of stagger. It’s one and only advantage is the ease of making headshots with the first attack.

It’s a shame, it has a nice versatile moveset that’s fun to use, but with it’s damage being so low it’s just terrible.

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Well, it doesn’t really matter it’s worse, when the others are garbage. It kind of stops mattering after a certain point, because they stop being worth using. They could’ve dealt 0 damage, and it would have made no difference.

It’s an awkward weapon. It’s lights are pretty slow and pointless but it’s pretty good for hordes similar to bardin/kruber 2h hammer (push attack-> C2/C3). Single target is tedious because having to block cancel every hit and lacks the dps other weapon choices have.

The 2h mace used to be decent when the game first came out. It was able to perform some crowd control and some armor damage, while being sub-par at both. This made it more flexible than all of the other Sienna weapons. But now with the addition of the “good at everything” flail and the increase in difficulty, the mace has really fallen behind.

I agree with cody552’s suggestions. These improvements would give some much-neede “umph”. I don’t really ever see it suprassing the flail in terms of versatility, and it seems ulrealistic to expect a new niche for it. These changes would at least make it worth using for people who don’t have the dlc or just want some variety.

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Agreed, Sienna’s 2h mace is terrible.
To give some more examples of how it’s bad, you move as slow as a shield weapon while swinging.
It is about as slow as a 2h hammer, and has a very noticeable large delay between it’s attacks.
Personally, I think the moveset of the mace is extremely awkward and don’t like it one bit.
Only the first heavy attack is any good, the sweeping heavy attacks seem to go up at like a 30degree angle which is very awkward.
It also can’t cleave through elites at all. It stops dead in it’s tracks when it hits a mauler and so can’t hit more enemies.
It has average stamina and no extra BCR.

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Idk i like sienna mace. its better for horde clearing than the single target crowbill. it may be slow but its definitely a weapon with high skill ceiling. i have better success with it than her other weapons.

Before crowbill it was the choice for anti-armour with the overhead. I’d much rather see Sienna’s 1h mace from VT1 make an appearance. She could SNATCH IT BACK FROM KRUBER.

The 2h hammer just need to up the single-target damage to make it more useful, although the swing pattern and the vulnerability in gives Sienna makes it really only an UC weapon as she can soak up a couple of hits with it.

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