Slight tweaks to Sienna's Mace

Sienna’s mace has a decent niche in her arsenal but I think its moveset feels clunky because it doesn’t divide roles across its light and charged attacks. Both series of attacks start out with an overhead swing before turning into side sweeps. The charged attack series continues forever without reverting to the overhead swing, while the light attacks go through 2 side sweeps before restarting the combo. This makes beginning a combo for cleaving tricky, as you are forced to either initiate with an overhead hit or initiate with a push attack (Which isn’t terrible, but is still clumsier than necessary). Additionally, if you want to only swing overhead, you are forced to block cancel with your charged attack as it will never revert to the overhead swing otherwise. Even though the light attack does revert back to the overhead swing, it’s still ineffective to use the whole chain instead of just block-cancelling to repeat the first attack.

I propose that roles be more specialized per attack to clear this up. Personally, I would like to see a light-attack combo similar to Kerillian’s 2-handed sword with a never ending side to side swing, with the charged attack being a dedicated overhead swing, possibly alternating between two slight angles from either side. This gives obvious clarity to the function of each attack, while maintaining the current functions of the weapon. Conversely, the light attacks could be given more of an overhead, single-target focus while the heavy attacks serve an exclusive side to side purpose.

This is of course just my personal take and I’m sure there are many other different views on this. To me, the important part is that the roles of each attack be clarified, and that it be made easier to fully dedicate yourself to either single target attacks or cleave attacks without the execution being awkward.

Edit: Since making this post, my feelings on the mace have changed a bit. In its current state, the mace is extremely versatile with its ability to perform light swings, light overheads, heavy swings, and heavy overheads without a “wasted” step e.g. having to use a cleave-based swing before a single target attack or vise versa. Having to block cancel/use the push attack makes these functions less immediately intuitive than some of the other weapons in the game, but ultimately gives more flexibility in my opinion. I’m leaving this post up nevertheless, but it turns out I am quite happy with the mace in its current state regarding its moveset for the most part.


I agree. I love the mace but it’s frustrating that both chains open with an overhead.

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I think it’s lazy that both light and heavy attack chains are the same moves. Every other weapon has specific moves for one and the other. Makes it feel like it’s lost some versatility it should have. Doesn’t make it a bad weapon since it’s base chain is so good and you can block cancel after first swing for single target, but it would be nice if it had a complete moveset.

I wish that light chain ended with an overhead instead of opening with it and i also wish that charged swipes would be more horizontal than angled but other than that i enjoy this weapon quite a bit. I wish i knew how much damage the DoT from heavy overhead deals without having to look up spreadsheets though…

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It’s alomst the same as the halberd. The most useful attack is overhead(block cancel)overhead. Except halberd just spams swipe/block. Would be nice if it had more fluidity. Then again, it is a 2h weapon, it’s meant to be sluggish.

To me its quite frustrating to have to constantly block cancel and push attack in order to do normal combos.

Keep heavy overhead as is and combo it into heavy swings like it does right now
Change light overhead to the push attack instead.
light combo is just swings but can combo into heavy swings.

This would let you switch back and forth between single target attack and horde control in a much more fluent way.

I also believe it would not intrude on the Crowbill’s area of single target focus.

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