Slight Tweak to Sienna's Dagger

With Sienna’s dagger, it’s obvious that the 2nd charged attack is the primary anti-armor function. Right now, it’s a bit awkward to use it for this purpose as you have to use the first charged attack, which is very much cleave focused and not great against armor, in order to get to it. To smooth out gameplay and add another combo, I propose making dagger work similarly to Sienna’s mace. For those who don’t know, Sienna’s mace has a heavy chain that starts with an overhead before turning into side-swings until you stop attacking. You can, however, use the block attack (or light attacks, though I’m not including those in this suggestion) to bypass the overhead swing and get into the cleave combo faster. I think this would work well if applied to dagger, where chaining its push attack into its charged attack would skip the first charged attack and proceed directly to the second one.

Just an idea that I had while playing with dagger that I think would make it feel better in general. All thoughts appreciated!

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Sienna’s dagger is fine.

I agree, it feels quite nice. But if it could feel smoother and more intuitive, why shouldn’t it?

To me, it doesn’t make much sense to be forced to use your cleave attack every time you want to use your armor-penetrating attack. While it’s somewhat of a buff, it’s more just about streamlining attacks in a sensical way.

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Agree, I think this would be a good change.

Sounds good to me. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be changed.

Others weps also have skippable mechanics, with the spear you can do lmb -> charge 2, instead of pu shblock. dagger seems to have no gimmicks like that however.

And quite a few other weapons as well. In my opinion, little tricks like this greatly improve the interest of a weapon’s move set by giving you access to neat combos you didn’t have before. After having gotten used to some other weapons that do feature attack skipping, I was extremely disappointed when I couldn’t find any opportunities for it on dagger, especially when it just makes so much sense.