Making Flamesword feel unique

Sienna’s flamesword currently feels lacking, as I’m sure most would agree. With Legend as the context difficulty, flamesword has some very important weaknesses. Those are armour type, berserker type and monster type, the same problems as 1h sword (Kruber’s too), but on flamesword the damage is EVEN lower. This has resulted in the weapon being possibly the most unloved Sienna weapon, which is a great shame, because flamesword is such a cool idea for a weapon, and has so much potential.

Here are some suggestions I’ve been gathering from myself and others that I think would help to make flamesword feel amazing. (In addition to the following suggestions, an applied DoT to every flamesword attack would make sense.)

  1. Charged attack or 3rd light attack (L3) launch a fire spell corresponding to your currently equipped staff.

  2. Each successful strike of the sword stores energy, when at full energy, melee special attack (like rapier pistol) unleashes a blast of flame.

  3. When at high heat, range and arc are increased on flamesword attacks. Could be a good opportunity for some glorious flame animations.


While I think your ideas are quite interesting, I think the link between overcharge and increased weapon prowess should remain reserved to unchained.
I would, however, see some kind of mechanic that trades overcharge for a temporary damage boost (which would synergize very well with how unchained worked). It would make sense if Sienna could “charge” the sword with the winds of magic via the “weapon special” button (the animation for this is even already in the game. I’d reuse the animation used by the 2nd charge attack, but played slower and with the sword starting to glow white). It could create quite a bit of overcharge and in trade, it could make the weapon deal more damage, deal more damage over time and make a white-hot weapon pierce armour for a short amount of time or a certain amount of damage dealt (rational being that the weapon transfered its heat to enemies and thus “cooling down” again).


Seal of approval for ideas and pushing the agenda.
Make Flamesword Unique!
I’d vote in favour of transfering overcharge to melee attacks, giving it AP quality.
Maybe start from 2nd overcharge level.
Other way around it could give overcharge, but it could be abused on unchained or trickier to balance.
Charging the sword could have it’s own icon where you see “x attacks stored”
Or do You think timed ability is better?

Big no, as overcharge slows 2/3 of careers, and being even slower could be a death sentence in a horde/ boss fight.

Or at least put DoT on all the attacks, with stronger DoTs on charged ones.

Im confused. Here you say

but here you say

doesn’t this contradigt each other?
I think im missunderstanding here something.

When Licious-D sayd

he did refer to the animation not to the player moving slower.

My opinion about this topic is in this thread

Of course i think there are tons of possibilitys how to make the fire sword more fun, much more unique while still keeping a good balance.

I personally right now would prefer if the fire sword gets stronger the more overcharge you currently have. In which way doesn’t really mather for me. Either more cleave, more dot damage, dot on every attack, bether anti armor, more overall damage or a mix between some of these. Just any kind of buff. The real biggest buff should come with the highest overcharge level while before this level is reached, it would only get a slight buff. The reason why i want the buff to be tied to your current overcharge level is because in that case you kinda would have to decide if you wanna go melee or ranged in a situation. If you want to make much melee damage you need high overcharge which means you can’t use your staff that much anymore. In order to make it possible to stay on high overcharge even in melee combat the weapon would need a mechanic to generate overcharge. So some special attack that creates overcharge would be important. It would have to be either an attack or a block. Else you would have to get out of the melee combat to be able to recharge. But i think it would be more fun if you could recharge while still being engaged in melee.

I just really like high risk high reward playstyles that require a lot of skill.
These preferences lead to my suggestion.

  • High risk because as unchained you would be very close to exploding if you want to get the most out of the weapon (Like i said the big buff would only come if you are in red overcharge).
    Other sienna carrers wouldn’t really be able to utilize the mechanic like unchained could but for me it looks like unchained is the melee path so it would kinda make sense.
  • High reward because the weapon gets quite strong.
  • High Skill. You would need to be really good i you want to use the fire swords whole potential. No constant hit trading during melee. Also your Overcharge management would need to be on point. Using your special attack at the right time, not to often but often enough while being engaged in melee would be really important.

My appologies, I could have made phrased that a little more clear. What I meant was that the weapon becoming more powerful with increased overcharge I was against (that is something Unchained is for), but “charging up” the sword should simply generate overcharge without the new properties benefiting from the amount of overcharge Sienna currently has. So, to charge up your sword, you generate, say, 20 overcharge but now your white-hot weapon becomes armour piercing, deals 15% more damage and deals 2 additional ticks of DoT (all numbers on the top of my head).


All these things could, of course, also apply to Sienna’s dagger.

Yeah but it already feels unique though, no?

Uniquely horrible.

Really, I’d give up on the idea of anything cool or interesting being done with the flaming sword. The only thing unique about it is going to be how you slap people with your first charged attack. It’s shatfark we’re talking about here, people. You can’t expect them to do something that’s cool, or something that works, or, gods forbid, both. What we’re looking for is things that only require changing a few variables.

All we can hope for is that its numbers get boosted, that at least its attacks deal more raw damage than the regular sword. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll let normal attacks pierce armor, but naaah, only Falchion (analreadypowerfulweaponthatwasalwaysopinthefirstgame) gets to have that. Don’t forget that this’ll also mean it has to either get slower, or otherwise remain as slow as it is, since making it too good would put the regular sword out of commission.

A good start would be if they remembered that once upon a time, the flamesword’s crappy stab used to set enemies on fire. That’d at least be something.

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I think successful strikes with the flame sword should REDUCE overcharge as a little is dissipated through the weapon, although it’d have to be a tiny amount of overcharge removed otherwise it could get silly.

IT could even prevent venting, to force people into melee. Then again, I think this should be a trait available to all sienna weapons - the ability to use melee hits to reduce overcharge,

A successful rake with the clawed hand that Sienna does should cause very little damage but much higher DoT to all enemies.

Man, reading through your posts in all these threads and just waiting for a variation of “fartshart”, “shatfark” or whatever else hilarious combination you think of is really tiring. It looks immature, disrespectful (yaddah yaddah these devs totally don’t deserve your respect) and generally renders your input worthless. And there is a lot of your input, because you clearly care a lot about this game, and not all of it is necessarily bad input. Maybe if every piece of feedback from you wasn’t followed by kindergarden insults, maybe the devs would read it (because I sincerely hope they’re just ignoring you at this point).

You’re not the only one dissatisfied with fatsharks handling of VT2, but most people can still act like adults while giving at least somewhat constructive feedback. You wouldn’t sit face-to-face with the devs and call them “poopyheads”, but somehow it’s absolutely fine to demand they fix your product while doing exatly that on a public forum. These literal shitposts are just clogging up the board by now.


I just have a lot of trouble equating the people that are developing this game right now with the studio that made V1. It doesn’t compute that the Fatshark that made the first game, getting so many things right, has somehow unlearned to make videogames, creating the mess we’re trying to deal with today. It’s a denial mechanism.

I’ll go back to calling them by their real, stupid name once they prove that it’s still the same people. Or that it’s not the same people, but with each of them having been lobotomized, their memories of everything from 2015 to 2018 having been wiped and their primary hands having been amputated.

As it stands I’m just struggling to come up with new names, these ones are getting old…

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