Sienna needs some 2H love

Sienna doesn’t have 2h weapons like other characters and it’s melee class while tanky does feel little underwhelming in melee damage. Maybe this could be remedied by adding a dedicated two-hander for Unchained.
My idea is flaming 2h-Chain for Unchained :grin:
It could be built to be like 2h-Sword or, perhaps more logically, Flail. And if it was Unchained exclusive maybe it could have some kind of mechanic that it would eat overcharge in use but would ether have fire damage or DOT on hit in proportion of overcharge. That of course could lead to situation where character bleeds it’s damage bonuses too quickly so maybe charged attack could be same kind of sweep that Saltpyres flail does but it wouldn’t use that fire mechanic, so you could keep hordes at bay.
Or maybe that reversed. Normal attacks would be normal and sweep would light everything in fire

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IT is possible I’ve got a very dirty mind but I almost expected some fanfic-porn here based upon the thread title.

Sienna’s weapons under the current Beta need some tweaks to their anti-armour/boss but on the whole I personally think the big damage should be done through her staves.

I’d like to see wands added instead of a Staff though.

Yeah, wands, and wings to turn her into a fairy.

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