Zealot 2 handed flail

I have no idea why this isn’t in the game. Most flagellant pictures you can find shows them with a heavy,2 handed flail. It should be his unique/exclusive/signature weapon.

it should have a slow,heavy hitting,long range,multiple target “light” attack combo
charged “throw”(as in he thrusts the pommel forward,sending the head flying in a straight line) and a special attack that is a 360 degree knockback/knockdown attack that drains stamina.

Not to mention he could have a heavy flail with ball & chain and one with a longer pommel and heavy head,similar to this one :

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To be fair, the picture you picked here is portraying a peasants weapon. Something easy to build. Just a piece of wood that you hammered some spiky bits into and attached to a longer piece of wood. But I do agree that this would be a nice addition to salty.

Yeah,but it’ a good example of a how a 2-part-no-chain flail looks like. Make it metal and we’re good to go.

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But then it would be absurdly heavy. A metal weight with spiky bits could make sense but the staff needs to be both durable and more importantly light. And now that I think about it, the falchion is Warhammer lore wise described as a poor man’s weapon. So I guess it wouldn’t be that bad for Saltz to use a commoners weapon.

dude,it could be made from oak or hardwood or adamantium or wyrdstone. for all I care. I didn’t bring it up to debate realism(which is pointless anyway with Kerillians wooden spear). Thing is,it’s possible, it can exist and I want it in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

“Absurdly heavy”

looks at Krubers Hammers


Kruber has the power of alcohol. Faith can’t compete with that

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Flagellants warband. Some have twin-tailed flails. Nice weapon for Zealot Saltzpyre IMO


I like the spiky Scythe.

That’s a thing for a different thread, but Zealot salty could also have a dual weapon - spiked chain.

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