All the missing Chain weapon

Kruber: Flail [With Shield]

A heavier version of the normal Flail, could also be a 2h variant. Bretonnian Grail Knight are also often depicted with them

Bardin: Doomseeker

Not really a flail but a semi-ranged weapon, exclusive to Slayer [only ever appeared on Slayer unit but never strictly forbidden for non-Slayer Dwarf

Kerillian: Whip or Beastmaster Spear [Additional Whip]

Elf don’t often use Chains weapon but some very sadistic Druchii have developed a way of using their tool of torture on the battlefield, 2 famous cases are the Sister of Slaughter and the Beastmaster Rakarth

image image

Saltz: Sigmarite Flail/Comet Flail

Iconic variation of the Flail that Sigmarite uses, it’s a 2 [or more] headed 1 shaft Flail

Sienna: no real need for her to have one more [lorewise speaking]

As much as I like Flail I only see 2 of them as possible future weapon:

Sigmarite Flail for Saltzpyre, simply due to the fact that they are somewhat iconic and Kruber’s Flail [And Shield] due to the fact that there aren’t that many weapon for GK

Lastly, Censer Bearer Plague Monks

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