Bardin’s Next Weapons

I only wanted to do Kruber at first then I did Sienna, so I may as well do each of the U5

  • Melee
  • Melee with Shield
  • Ranged
  • Mixed (Melee with Ranged)
  • Mixed (Ranged with Melee)
  • Special (Doomseeker)
  • Melee (Variant of already present weapons)

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Bardin kinda has all of his table top weapons or even his Lore, I did not consider Runesmiths and Chaos Dwarfs weapon

"Missing" Table Top Minis:

Dwarf Revolver/Pepperbox
Brace of Dwafs Pistol/Pair of Dwarfs Pistols

Doomseeker (The Fan favourite) Garagrim/ Crazed Khargrim
image image
Swords and Mace

Flail, Flaming Sword (Though I don’t know if it was allowed under Runic stuff or if it is just Artistic Liberties),

"Missing" Lore Weapon (And Variant):

Blunderbuss (no reason to have since the Grudgeracker is already present), I could have put it in the previous category but I think it’s too similar to the Grudgeracker

Doomseeker: Axes spun upon chains

Drakegun Skolder gun: Steam instead of fire, better range ?

Hammerer’s Hammer (2h and 1h with Shield)

There are still a few Axe/Hammer and Picks weapon that could work,

Axe-Gun: TW Warhammer 3’s Kislevite faction changed the Streltsi’s weapon (An Handgun and a Bardiche) into a combined Axe-Gun, it could work as a Mixed melee weapon

Fireglaive: From the Chaos Dwarf Armoury, being a repeating handgun with an Axe head

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We won’t see it, but my pick would be a Cog Axe. We got a disappointing Coghammer with the Outcast Engineer update that is the lamest sort of steampunk weapon, what with its random spinning cogs and apparent steam-powered . . . nothing. The Warhammer equivalent of putting some cogs and gizmos on a top hat.

Give us a big spinning cog on the end of a grip. Let the special be revving it up so it can hit multiple times, like a Fantasy version of the chain- weapons in 40k.

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I mean, seriously, what did you expect me to vote?

Doomseeker I suppose ? I would also vote for it but I usually try to not vote on them

Then again I did separate Doomseeker from the rest (Fan favourite and Mechanically very different) so I get what i deserve

Check my avatar…

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I could see them having another go at trying the heat based attacks in the coghammer.

What’s the point of axes on chains? A flail realistically would be more effective.

Well Doomseeker come from a particular side of the Dwarf Culture (The 3 main sides being: Runes/Ancestor; Engineering and Grudges/Honour)

Slayer are dwarfs who have cause such shame that only their death may absolve them, but that death must be earned and a bad Slayer is one who keep surviving, making it so that Slayer often leave on hunt (Troll->Giant->Dragon->Deamon Slayer) to their dooms.

Doomseeker are a weapon most wouldn’t use, it’s difficult to use and dangerous but more importantly, Slayer and Dwarfs as a whole have different anatomy to the Human and the elfs, having much more strength

The difference btw a Doomseeker and a Flail entail on how it work, Doomseeker can be used in pair, and are on longer chains, like a Kusarigama