Flails should have additional stagger damage to make them shine over Falchion and Rapier

As of right now I feel that Flails, whilst awesome looking and very useful against certain enemy types (namely Stormvermin Shields and their bullshit where they require you to attack their shields like 4 times to actually get a chance at hurting them) I feel that they also tend to lack a bit of oomph to make them a more viable pick over things like the Falchions and Rapiers.

Rapiers have a fantastic head-poke and the only melee-based special attack (even if it is sorta meh given it’s faults), whilst Falchions are pretty fantastic crowd clearers and have a headshot bonus that lets them chew easily through specials.

Flails on the other only really have the whole shield ignore attribute, which while useful against certain enemies is not really all that great for the actual majority of enemies you fight.

To help set the Flail apart I think giving it additional Stagger damage would be a good way to buff it, giving you an option for a more crowd control based weapon that will let you knock around anything short of a Chaos Warrior or Stormvermin if you’re not already killing it in a single hit (which is more what you go to the Falchion for in the first place since the headshot bonus means you’ll probably be killing everything in one-hit.)