Flail for WPoS

Please enable Flail for WP, he have not 1 handed decente weapon. I thinh It would be funny for him.

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Won’t happen: Steam Community :: Error

You need to be logged in your Steam account as the original message is within the Bug Reports forum which is only visible to Vermintide 2 owners.

So to make it easier I will just quote:

This is intended - it’s lore-related. :slight_smile:

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Apparently GW didn’t allow it but agreed for Flail and Shield (GW being weird with their IP once again)

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Just stick a hammer head on the end of the Flail. It would look cool too. :+1:

This with the 2H Hammer head.

Chaos Warrior Cleave on Lights (to make it a Chaos Warrior density controlling Weapon), and an overhead Heavy combo, which speeds up and does more damage as it goes, e.g. 3 hits with reduced time, and increased damage/Stagger at each point in the combo. Making it good for bursting down single Elites, without deleting them outside of the combo.

If it also gets Shield Cleave, it’s Light damage should be really low, but Stagger a lot.

Special Attack could be a long Bleed, which would be good for dealing with teleporting/fleeing Specials, and Bosses (should deal high damage over time, but not stack).

Low Dodge Range/Count, and low Stamina/Push Angle, to make up for the CC from the Lights.*

Combo would feel really satisfying with Righteous Fury up.

It would also be a good Weapon for WHC. (you can build into these things on WHC)*

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Or make a bigger flail for WPoS to use. A Morningstar.

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