Crowbill does more damage than 2H mace (sienna weapons feedback)

I wanted to bring this up as both weapons are very similiar, however the crowbill does about 20% more damage than the 2h mace, making the 2h mace mostly redundant. The crowbill also has a much more useful charged attack; the 2h mace must go through a single target strike before performing any of the wide sweep attacks, whereas the crowbill can go straight into the wide sweep charged attack.

There is no point in using the 2H mace since the crowbill can do everything it can, but better

Crowbill has terrible cleave on every single attack (including the wide sweeps), while mace had pretty decent cleave on everything but the downward attacks. Also, mace’s light 1 deals significantly more damage vs non-armored targets and chaos warriors, though it deals marginally less damage vs stormvermin. Overall, I think mace is significantly more versatile. Crowbill is better vs armor, but mace is still decent vs armor and it is better vs hordes.

In practice, I do think that crowbill + fireball/conflag/beam is significantly better than mace + fireball/conflag/beam. However, that is less due to the raw power of the crowbill and more because of how crowbill and her staves each cover the other’s weakness.


While they are still a bit different I think both need to be reworked.
Currently I too think that the mace is quite outshined by the crowbill.

The crowbill in my opinion should be a very low cleave anti armor weapon. Somewhat like an anti armor 1h axe. In addition the stupid stab as well as non single target charged attack should be removed.

The mace has to change it’s identity. It always opens with a single target attack wich was a good thing before but is now a very bad thing when the crowbill exists. I suggest turning it into a somewhat 2h hammer equivalent meaning either charged or light is fully single target and the other is cc.


Ok, thanks for explaning

I really dislike the maces attack patterns, they just feel clunky and odd to me. Copying and pasting the 2h hammer attack patterns would make it a good combo of crowd control and anti armor weapon, plus it would be comfortable to use. Also it wouldn’t be the same as other 2h hammers, since it deals DoT in addition to its impact damage.

As for the Crowbill, I do enjoy using it as an anti armor weapon. I run it on my BW in combination with one of the CC staffs (mainly Firestorm/conflagration) and i don’t find it unbalanced at all, it’s mostly useless against hordes due to its almost non-existent cleave.

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