I know Crowbill was grossly OP, but it's heavy attack makes no sense now. Couldn't you restore a little bit of cleave or make her heavy an overhead like an axe?

Right now Sienna’s crowbill heavy attacks are perfectly horizontal swings with zero cleave…why??? It makes no sense, it feels terrible, and frankly it’s awful.

I get that balance is important, but it needs to remain fun and functional as well because right now the heavy attacks serves no purpose whatsoever.

Could it just have a bit more cleave for a bit of crowd control or make it do overhead attacks on heavies like all other hand axes so it can have some function doing head shots?


My suggestion was that the fire poke (light 3?) should have more Cleave and higher DoT damage. This keeps the attacks making sense, but makes that attack, which works as part of the push-attack chain, deal the AoE damgur.

I feel the same about 1H Axes though. There’s 1000 enemies on the screen and I can hit one at a time.

Didn’t notice your reply

I’m generally okay with the axes lack of cleave as long as they attack very fast, which I don’t feel like they do, especially crowbill. But it gives them differences of fantasy.

I do however want some cleave on the crowbill’s heavy because it’s a pure horizontal swing and what else is it good for if not for some crowd damage? The other axes atleast have overhead heavies

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Sorry, rereading what I said, and realised I misworded it.

I meant that the actual fire should burn more enemies, not that it should have more actual Cleave on the attack itself.

Since it’s on a poke like you said then it likely not going to ever got more than one enemy unless FS throw in a tiny explosion on the poke like what you have on the enchanted torch on chaos Wastes

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I think the idea that the crowbill is a hand-axe is the wrong way to view the weapon. It seems like they heavily drew from the Bec du Corbin (crowbeak) which is a type of polearm (kind of like a poleaxe except with a spike instead of an axehead). Smaller in length than a halberd or some spears but still longer reach than a greatsword. It should fit that niche, i mean shoot it even LOOKS like its real world counterpart and sienna wields it like you would the real world counterpart albeit its model looks a lot smaller from your POV. It kinda has the reach you would want from a maybe a smaller variant of it, but it sorely lacks in the type of damage/cleave you would expect from a 2-handed polearm. It should very much so play similarly to the dwarf’s warpick but with more reach and less base damage but the armor piercing heavies should be way more devastating than they actually are. Even if they’re deadset on it being a hand-axe it doesn’t have the speed you would expect from wielding a hand-axe with 2 hands. I think the weapon kinda falls flat with what the design team wanted as it’s neither a polearm nor a sidearm

I can kinda see where you’re coming from, but the in-game animations indicates it’s closer to a crowbill instead since she swings it with one hand relatively effortlessly. So hand-axe is probably the more accurate profile… despite the stab attack making little sense since it’s point isn’t sharp or anything

Your Bec Du Corbin looks closer to a slightly shorter Bill Hook

it morel ike a



horseman`s pick

And to the topic, i feel also like crowbill is a bit too underwhelming for a more or less single-target weapon.

It shouldn’t have any cleave then, or negligable cleave then. Even from the way it looks it doesn’t have the weight to hit more than a single target. Seems like it would function similarly to a kasurigama, mind you the kasurigama wasn’t really a field weapon and if you did find it on the battlefield it was pretty niche in its uses though it definitely had a place. There’s a reason why you sometimes see them depicted with a ball and chain at the end of them because if they’re meant to be a light weapon then it’s going to have little to no cleave. I wouldn’t mind if they decided to have a special attack with the crowbill where it had a “mace” attached to it where you could stagger and cleave around you and then use the bladed side for elites. But that might be too OP as she already has a mace weapon. It seems that the design they’re going for is more like bardin’s hand-axe. That definitely has almost no cleave to it yet it has some of the highest single target AP damage of all his weapons which makes it shine on slayer quite handily since you can take another melee as an accoutrement. The crowbill is also sienna’s highest dodge distance weapon making her really slippery when you have it equipped so do keep that in mind as well (yes even higher than her dagger which is only 20% the same as most of her other weapons oddly enough)