Suggestion for Crowbill (Sienna)'s attack animation/chain/pattern

4th Light: Change or Remove.

  • I think, stabbing/thrusting with war-pick is weird move.

  • So, my suggestion is: Change it into a push with a left hand that ignite the enemies.


2nd Heavy: Change

  • Keep the direction of the swing (Lett to right, horizontal)

    • But hit/strike/swing “backward (back of the weapon’s head)”. So, there’s no has to be change the grip into left hand goes up, and right hand goes down.
  • Or Change the direction to right-to-left. This is more natural/easier to do with “two hands”, when the right hand is up, and left hand is down. Or you have to change the grip to do it better.


Push Attack

  • Make it start from the up-right to down-left.

  • Or make the angle of the swing more wide.


I’m not sure making the animations change might put the Crowbill into elf-weapon territory (too good at everything). It is inherently weaker against hordes due to the swing pattern, and this makes it very good vs Armour - exactly what it’s designed to do.

While some of your suggestions seem quite good it might make it a bit too much of a good allrounder.