War pick suggestion

The war picks light attack is more similar to V1 now, which is much better. Thanks a bunch.
The charge attack however is still far from parity with similar weapons. The charge time is too long for the sub optimal damage. I’d either like the charge time reduced to trigger the running animation and deal the current damage or the damage increased, or the pick’s charge attack to negate all armor including super armor.


Think the latter option would be neat to have, while Bardin has capable weapons with decent damage (Great Axe, 2h Hammer), something going all in like Kruber’s Executioner Sword would be a welcome change.

A slow, hefty attack that cripples even the mightiest targets. Though I am no fan of walking speed slowdown as it makes you miss more often than you’d want.

Without talking your ear off.
The warpick needs to do more damage to chaos and it’s charge attack needs to do more damage to monsters.
The running at the end of the charge attack should trigger the second you enger the second power level of the charge.

Lastly it’s damage needs a 5% bump to make it usable without completely jacking up your build (in order to deal with chaos hordes)

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It should simply be armorpiercing as well… Hello !? If a weapon should be armorpiercing . This one is the most realistic^^

To be fair, if we are talking about realism, the pick should not cleave at all, because it would get stuck in the first body it hits. With that in mind, I think the pick should be changed to be a super specialized armor and shield removal weapon. Think about it, If a pick swung by a dwarf would collide with a shield, im pretty sure no shield would be able to just block that attack, unless magically enchanted. The pick would just burrow straight through and do fatal damage to the enemies’ exposed torso behind the shield.


Thanks for bumping my thread. I enjoy reading other peoples ideas about the pick. It’s somewhat validating to see peoples primary concern is with the charge attack.

The weapon is good after previous patch. Damage is no issue. I still use 2h hammer because if the insane long charge attack that is its speciality, its not suitable when you need it.

Jeger, would you use it if it dealt damage similar to the glaive’s charge attack or krubers executioner sword on a headshot?
I use the 2h hammer as well. Totally understand that choice.

I like to swap weapons alot, and Bardin is my most played character. I would gladly use the war pick more for many reasons, as it also was my favorite weapon in VT1. The charge attack was also slow then, but it felt more powerful overall. So the only tweak I can wish for on this wapon (to keep up with the others…) is slightly less time to reach full charge or more damage on less charge.

A pretty reliable way to pierce armour is with the push-stab which can deal with stormvermin in 2-3 hits.

Now that it has its attack speed increased (1.0.6). I like it alot as a horde clearer on the Slayer.

2h Hammer is way better for clearing hordes. Your swing has a huuuuge range. You hit way more targets but yes after the patch it the pick axe has become better.

The push attack though is good when you want to follow an attack with an fast attack and maybe need a little space between, but its not stronger then other attacks. Even with 2h axe is 1h axe you only need 2 hits on the head and 2h axe is very good to hit heads fast.

But i also use the war pick more now

I’ve noticed that, as you increase your attack speed, the running time of the charged pick attack is cut to almost nothing, which makes it a little bit difficult to hit things(running rakogri, etc) sometimes.

As previously stated, it would also be nice if a fully charged pick blow could damage a shielded SV, but overall the pick is much better at wave clearing now.