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Hello everyone! I want to introduce my suggestion for Bardin’s War Pick here.
War Pick is Bardin’s coolest weapon. It is a true dwarven thing. So it’s a shame it’s the worst of all his weapons. I’m not saying you can’t play with it, but there is a better weapon in his arsenal for everything you want to do.
I do not belong to people who despise half of weapons and play only with what they consider as “meta”. I like all Bardin’s melee weapons: 1H Axe is a beast against armored and specials, 1H Hammer is very versatile and if you learn it then it is better than Dual Hammers, 2H Axe and 2H Hammer are both little bit harder to use and you must know right movement with them but then you do brutal damage to everything, Hammer and shield is best weapon for IB player and Axe and shield is best for IB bot, Dual Axes would be bad for everyone but with Slayer they are just awesome.
Only War Pick is just fun but not very useful. It is very slow and it does not have damage or even stagger effect to satisfy the slowness. Many people say “make it faster”. I do not. Actually I think that it will be good to make it even slower because then it will be possible to feel that power. You have to add damage to it ofcourse. It should deal damage like at least 2H Axe with light attacks. And the second heavy attack should destroy anything but the bosses without any breakpoints. I’d like to think of a War Pick as the melee equivalent of a Trollhammer Torpedo.
And it would be amazing if it were possible to endlessly hold a pickaxe over your head during a heavy attack and run around like GK with his ult. :slight_smile: :smiley:
So good luck everyone, thanks for reading it and don’t play an elf! (It’s really not fun to save you all the time) :stuck_out_tongue:


The only change I’d like for the warpick is the ability to ignore shields.


Warpick need rework, its completly outclassed by coghammer on everything that it supposed to do.


They could probably make it more mobile. Warpick has worse overall stats, but its the more mobile weapon. Does it need to make sense? No. There are already weapons that have pretty mobile as a heavy 2h weapon. Bret LS is very fluid very few slow downs on movement.

Warpick will be your slow attack, less power, but safer on dodge, movement. That’s a way of making it have a unique identity without much change.

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I do not agree. It’s a dwarven heavy weapon. It should be slow and destructive.


Right now its not its only slow and clunky

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“slow and destructive” doesn’t work in a game like V2, considering most of the time you are running or fighting hordes of enemies, usually both and the same time.
Perteks is right, this weapon is outclassed by every weapon he has.
If I saw someone using War pick I’d assume they were trolling.


I liked using it on Slayer (pre-purchase of Outcast Engineer DLC). After purchasing OE, I replaced it with the Coghammer, which is like the War Pick, but better in terms of cleave, stagger, attack angle and damage.


The only good thing I can say about Warpick is that the fully charged heavy attack can body shot a Cata CW with no power properties with Dawi drop, smiter, 3 trophy hunter stacks and skull splitter. Pretty sure Trophy Hunter affects the attack that procs it (so you’re never below 1 stack in practice), so you can take away the Trophy Hunter requirement with 20% power properties or WHC tag assuming one is in your party. It can also do solid boss damage with this combo. It’s a shame the leap arc is so uncomfortable these days, this setup would be way more practical with the old more floaty leap arc.

Dawi Drop in general is a bit slept on. As long as you get air with the leap it seems to be a general power increase, meaning it will also increase the stagger power of your leap to near Crunch levels.

To be clear I’m not saying this niche combo in any way redeems the weapon, but at least it has something it can do other weapons can’t. It definitely needs help. I would like adjustments that play into its strengths, rather that saw off its weaknesses; however I acknowledge such adjustments would do nothing for its useability outside of Slayer. I think it would be cool if it functioned as a slow, low cleave, but very high power weapon, so I roughly agree with OP’s take, though I certainly wouldn’t make it slower than it currently is. Also think it would be fitting if its attacks ignored shields. That’s a somewhat underexplored niche.


Yes, it is.

I disagree. Yes, it is harder to play with slower weapons, but if you learn its attacks and movements, usually they can perform better than fast weapons with low damage. (e.g. 2H hammer)

War pick isn’t that slow, the sweeps are still considerably faster than the heavy swings of greathammers and the like; it just got super power-crept by coghammer.


Assuming that the Armory mod’s attack speed stats are correct, War Pick light attacks (0.88s) are actually slower than Greathammer heavy attacks (0.65s) by 0.23 seconds. Coghammer’s light attacks are (0.65s for L1, L3 and L4, and 0.60s for L2).

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Add that to the many other things I don’t like about that mod.
That attack speed number is only the delay to input the next m1 command. It does not take into account charge-time (0.5 on 2hh), damage window time or delay for block/swapping.


Yeah, but great hammer is much more safer even it is slower because of it deals much more damage and has big stagger effect… War pick need boost.


I see. So Greathammer’s heavy attack speeds will be around 0.65s + 0.5s charge time (please correct me if I’m wrong here), which makes it slower than Warpick light attack speeds. In exchange, Greathammer heavy attacks do more damage and have the better tank cleave modifier vs the Warpick’s linesman modifier (and the horizontal attack pattern is better too).

Even with the faster attack speed, Warpick lights are still significantly weaker than Greathammer heavies due to weaker damage, cleave, and having the slowest light attack speeds out of all the Bardin melee weapons. One or all of those aforementioned stats should be buffed to make it comparable.

The Warpick looks even worse when compared with the Coghammer’s light attacks, which have the same cleave stats and tank modifier as the Greathammer heavies while having the faster attack speed (due to a lack of charge time).

Fatshark seems to have a thing with DLC weapons superseding previously released ones.


I would prefer a buff that helps it have a niche, rather than homogenising it with other weapons. I mean up the damage on light attacks (and maybe half charge heavies as well), that’s pretty fair. But give it some extra spice.

Just spitballing here, but what if light attacks broke horde shields, and heavy attacks pierce shields? It’d help your team’s clear rate decently if you had a pick boy running around destroying all those cleave eating shields, and it’d be pretty nice to be able to run up to a shield SV and kill him right through his block with a charged attack. It ain’t gonna compete with coghammer as a generalist weapon, just let it have a niche that’s reasonably valuable.


I’d increase its mobility (dodge range & distance, speed while blocking) a bit to start with. The thing looks a little less unwieldly than the 2H Axe & Hammer, after all. And since cleaving sweeps with a pick doesn’t seem very logical to me, I’d change its lights to be less cleave and (way) more damage (and probably stagger), which will set it apart from the Coghammer a little as well. I’d speed up the charge time for its first level charge heavy by a little bit as well, but probably not for it’s super heavy attack. Then sprinkle shieldbreaking on lights and shield-ignoring on heavies and voilà: A thematically fitting weapon fit for whacking Raki scum as you boisterously sing “Diggy Diggy Hole” while hacking away at the hordes.


One thing that might be cool is to just give is 80-100% armor pierce on lights and heavies. That’s kinda what war picks are for anyway. Make it an exceptional single target weapon.


I think a damage buff is all it really needs honestly.

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