War Pick buff appreciated

I have liked this weapon since v1 and the attack speed buff seems to really make this item more usable. I only ran 1 champs with it since patch but it felt very good, I don’t get overwhelmed by skaven hordes like I did before the patch which was its biggest weakness imo. It still suffers against mixed SV and hordes but you can’t have everything :).

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Well what kinda Buff did you have in mind? why dose it need the buff to do better?

i for one think that it needs to do more charged damage to armored targets. i mean, i have to imagine even with a helmet on. a pickax will go right through and smash your skull in all the same. so why lower the damage?

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I was saying thank you for the buff, then giving a small amount of detail about how I felt it performed in my single champs run. And no it really isn’t an attack speed buff, but reduced time between strikes which to me was an attack speed buff.

Ahhh Gotya my bad. Tho i do have to say i went and tried the pick myself after seeing your post and quiet like the feel of it. and in the process noticed that the charged damage was a little low on armored targets. thus i brought it up =p

Haven’t really used the warpick yet, but I’d expect it to be specifically anti-armor, weakness being that it has barely any cleave. So it should always struggle with hordes then, just as most other weapons struggle with armor.

Just my noobish opinion here, but in v1 I found a very versatile able deal with everything weapon. It has a great stagger (I think the highest in the game on its light attack) and you could just stagger everything out of its attack. Yes its charged attack is great vs armor and now it seems to decent with hordes, granted there was a kruber giving me 10% attack speed some of the times and I think i have it set up for close to 10% attack speed with items as well.

oddly enough it seems to do pretty well against hordes and in fact. worse against armored targets. it kinda feels like what the 2 handed axe SHOULD be.

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Like many weapons it does struggle with mixed groups, but that’s why we have ranged classes right?

Haha true enough. probably a weapon ill use more now that i have tried it out and got the feel for it. tho i will defiantly roll attack speed on it to make it feel more fluid.

This. It feels weird. The Great Axe should be cleaving more than a PICK AXE (How are you hurting enemies, by brushing your blunt side against them? Cmon…) and do (just a little) less damage against armour.
PickAxe should be the ultimate Anti-Armour weapon similar to Executioner’s Sword with its heavy attack while sacrificing cleave and anti-horde potential.

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