Why is the pickaxe not armor piercing?

I gonna jump right to it.

The pickaxe needs to be either shield breaking or armor piercing, cuz it makes no sense why a tool made for MINING wouldn’t be one or rather both armor piercing and shield breaking. I mean in Total War: Warhammer the dwarf unit called “Miners” uses pickaxes and they have armor piercing, so it really doesn’t make sense that the pickaxe don’t have it. Or is Bardin the only dwarf that can’t have a GOOD pickaxe?

(I was wrong the pickaxe is armorpiercing but it still should say it is armor piercing and they should either make the pickaxe faster or have it do more damage.)


Afaik it is somewhat armorpiercing, atleast charge / push attack is.

i don’t play bardin but i can see where you are coming from. its very confusing some of the decisions for this game.

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Same to Greatswords… Its armor piercing in all over the total war series…


Uh… It is though? The light attacks do light armor piercing, the charge attack does great armor piercing.

Just tested on the keep armor dummies:
Light attack: 2.5 body, 3.75 head
Charged attack stage one: 20.25 body, 27.75 head
Charged attack stage two: 37.25 body, 56 head

That’s amazing armor pen. Heck with a little power vs you could 1-shot stormvermin with 2nd stage charge body shots…

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Except good luck landing that super charged attack.
There is a reason why some weapons are almost never used.


Hey if the super charged one is too hard just do the regular charged one, being able to two-shot stormvermin with bodyshots on legend is great armor pen.

I’d say the reason the war pick is almost never used is because people don’t know / learn how to use it.

Or it takes much more effort to use it effectively compared to a lets say 2h hammer (assuming you are right).
But honestly even bot underperforms with it imo.

I actually run Pickaxe on my Slayer and enjoy it a lot, and perform way better with it than hammer xD


Same! Pickaxe is mad awesome on slayer. With that bonus attack speed from leap you can just obliterate hordes solo, so much fun…

I’ll just chime in and say that pickaxe is one of my weapons of choice on Bardin for any career. I find it functions like Krubers Ex Sword except that the basic, horizontal attacks also have some armor penetration.

However, I do agree that a pickaxe would logically have armor penetration as one of its traits, considering one of the sides of certain warhammers were pointed for that very reason.

Heresy! Logic in video games?! Intolerable!

-A certain withhunter

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