Pickaxe and Shields

I feel that the charged attack on the Pickaxe should bypass shields from a balance and intuitive perspective. The LMB attacks are slow enough that it becomes essentially impossible for Bardin to handle more than one shielded stormvermin attacking him and it makes plenty of intuitive sense to me that an overhead swing with a weapon with such a long protruding blade would connect with the body even if the shaft of the pick is stopped. Thoughts?


pickaxe already kills everything - it doesnt need shield breaking because then it’ll be OP AF. If you’re a ranger, a handgun is all the anti shield you need because pickaxe will kill everything else in melee. Slayer 2x axes trivalise shielded SV. probably only the IB with pickaxe and pistols will struggle, but nothing can kill him anyway so its not like he needs that much killing power

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