Bardin Pickaxe !?


normally playing Slayer here but from time to time also Ironbreaker. Now that i burn hordes with flamethrower i look for the best dmg weapon for singletarget like bosses…

If you think about it, the pickaxe should be a very good singletargetweapon. And should be really good against armor. On Trainingpuppets it does insane dmg with charged attacks to heads but in game you never get to that … The weapon feels useless or is there something i am missing ? :confused: Just wanted to like this “rare used” weapon


No AP on basically a warpick, slow swings - its just bad.

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It’s got insane damage on its charged attacks, so it’s got an incredibly niche area of being able to deal great damage to single armored targets. But it’s still lackluster, and overall just extremely underpowered.

I would take a 2H hammer over the pick any day of the week unfortunately.

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Yeah same here. There is no other interesting 2h Weapon for the Dwarf :confused:

Generally speaking, weapons with slow single target attacks are worst than weapons with fast single target attacks. For cleaving attacks, it does not matter so much (currently) as each cleave generally shaves a layer of enemies away so you have time to wind up another swing while the next enemies come in. Tough what really matters is to have a weapon that can hit quickly on one attack at least, so that you have time to land hits on stuff between blocks, shoves and backsteps.

The issue with the Pickaxe is that neither of it’s attacks are fast enough for that. In fact both of it’s attacks are unbearably slow, and the slowest one is the single target, which is the worst thing to have slow because you RARELY use the single target to kill a single enemy that is alone. You will be using the single target to kill a single priority target out of a group of enemies, all of which are trying to attack you, or shoving you, or Chaos Punching you.

Sure the Pick-axe, like the Executioner sword, has a bit of a step-in to the wind up attack, but on Legend, the enemies also have step-ins.

So honestly the Pickaxe and weapons like it would be much better if they were designed around their charged attacks being much faster and lower damage. This gives them a much, much broader window of opportunity for use. And the beta as it is now only exacerbates the issues I listed here.

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Exactly. I was trying the pickaxe on the training puppet and thought " Damn, i will give big crits to bosses and special enemys" But when i faced them, the other people where much faster or the boss moved around to much…

So gone back to dualaxes and 2h hammer (Hammer for crowd and shieldbearers ( best thing ever. Overhead attack and they lose their shield)) and the dual axes block held, followed by overhead attack with both axes kills special enemys so fast.
But i really want to use 2h Axes or the pickaxe =(
Sry for the strange sentences :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: