Pickaxe REALLY needs a buff

When you google vermintide 2 pickaxe, the only thing you get is people calling for buffs. It’s just way too slow and the charged attack isn’t that great either. It needs a buff.


It’s like a complete joke of a weapon, and all you need to fix it - make attack chain faster and buff fully charged damage.

I just tried it on champion and i was actually shocked how useless it is, wanted to create exact same thread here.

Of Course, there is always a possibility that im using it completely wrong, i would like to read here how to improve my moves with it


Only good thing is charged attacks damage,but it’s slow as hell,so not worth it overall.


Right the only “viable” use for I’ve heard is Slayer’s second weapon for Chaos Warriors. I still prefer the 2H Hammer over the Pick or even the 2H Axe since they offer more utility. If it is suppose to be a viable weapon choice it needs a buff.

This weapon is a joke :smiley: I agree that it needs hard buff.

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Got to agree tried it once… never again.