Rapier Pistol vs Shields

I’d personally like it if the rapier pistol broke clan/marauder shields.

Would anyone like this too? Or would be be “overpowered”? Another issue would be discussing the maximum range to break a shield. Should it match the current damage drop off distance?


Sounds completely fine, i don’t see it being to powerful.

Instead of breaking shields, it should be able to bypass them if you hit in the right spots. You can clearly see their heads poking out and other body parts. But if you attempt it, it gets auto blocked.

To be fair, for the wooden shields, it should bypass them on direct hits but with reduced damage. I don’t see why some wood is going to stop a bullet.

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My favourite thing regarding shields of Stormvermin (dunno about lower tier shields) is that when you shoot them with handgun while aiming down sights, it gets penetrated. But if you shoot from the hip - it stops the bullet. It doesn’t even make any sense. Generally shield vs firearms needs a redesign. As Ranger you can fire a grudgeraker into shieldvermin’s back while being invisible and it just gets blocked. Sweet Sigmar, how the hell?

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You can already destroy shield enemies fast with the rapier. With swift slaying the attack speed is so fast you can open their guard in one quick barrage, faster if you use a push shove. If you took away their ability to block from the front they’d be absolutely no threat whatsoever.

Actually damaging armoured enemies all depends on your build however, but if done correctly the rapier can kill all types of storms in about 2 hits. Actually bypassing guards should be left to the flail otherwise there’d be absolutely no reason to use it any more. Really the rapier is already a god tier weapon.

I don’t think it’d be overly strong, especially if it was limited to full-damage range only, but I don’t think it’s necessary either. As @medusahead said, Rapier is already a good weapon against shields with its cheap pushes and quick attacks, it just takes a bit of skill and knowledge.

And I have a hard time justifying that change feel-wise, as the normal BoP doesn’t do that either and in all honesty, the power of a pistol just isn’t that great. I don’t actually know how much the rapier pistol shot affects shields, but if it made them susceptible to a single push opening them, I think that’d be pretty much the extent to which I’d want them considering the “feel” of the weapon. The rapier is a finesse weapon, and I think a complete shield-destroying option (or immediate opening, for Shieldvermin) would take away from that.

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There’s only a few cases where I’d like the pistol to break shields, such as when there’s more then 3 or when they’re hanging around elites.

As far as I know vs shield marauders, rapier’s pistol shot requires 2 attacks to open their guard. You can do this faster with rapier’s push + push-atk, which is also 2 attacks but faster. Normals take I think 3 swings, not 100% sure.

If the rapier’s pistol should not break their shield, then I’d be happy to see just a single pistol shot (within limited range) to open their guard for a melee follow up.

I’d appreciate this change to give the pistol a bit more use (though I’m aware of what it already does), but also I think it’s just stylish too :v

IMO for starters, Fatshark should make shields work only in the frontal 160 degree arc, so no more blocking of grudgeraker shots to the back.
This would actually make finesse and movement a good way to dispatch shieldvermin, right now it’s just “hammer at them till they die”, but “dodge and shoot in the head point blank from the side with your pistol” sounds way more fun.

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