Shield + Drakefire pistol

Just figured I’d post a new weapon suggestion for Bardin.

Shield + 1 Drakefire pistol.

This would bring an interesting take on ranged gameplay, as you would have a defensive oriented ranged option with some crowd control to play around with. Pretty unique as far as I’m aware. Should be more oriented to close-quarters ranged combat by shield bashing and “shotgunning”.

left-click is the regular old drakefire pistol shots, but perhaps just slightly slower rate of fire since he only has one pistol, not two.

While venting the pistol you could also be blocking with the shield
This part might make the option too safe. This one’s up for debate, certainly. Would require some testing to see how it feels I think. Dropping the guard to vent might make more sense.

Right-click is block, just like with any shield. And just like any shield you can still shield bash.
However! While holding down the block button, you also charge your pistol like you would with regular drakefires. To release it as a “shotgun blast”, you push-stab. (right click followed by holding down left click). Possibly slightly weaker than the dual drakefires, since he’s only using one. would require testing.

This accomplishes a few things.
1: You can be in melee with your ranged weapon still out, since you can block and crowd control a bit with your shield bash.
2. You can decently clear hordes with the shotgun blast in a pinch, but if you hold your block for too long you’ll likely overheat as you’re charging your pistol, and you need at least some stamina to push-stab (shotgun), so you can’t just sit around blocking all day, you also need to get on the offensive.

You’d still be a bit limited by the fact that shields limit your dodging capability quite a lot, but I feel this would make a very interesting and unique ranged option, for a character that is supposed to be a bit more defensive than the others (being a dwarf and all).
I’m aware that the game is a melee based one, and I agree that it should be. Hence why this particular ranged option would be more based around close- to mid-range engagements.

Shield bashing to get space to fire off a shot or two and then charging up your pistol while taking hits on your shield to unleash a horde-clearing shotgun blast. Awesome stuff!


I liked this before even reading it. It’s a simple idea, and I’m sure you’re not the first to have it, but it’s imminently a good idea - a new ranged weapon with a unique focus, it can be balanced by stamina and firerate, and nearly all the animations already exist and just need to be modified a little. Why the hell not.

Next up: Dual halberds for Kruber


Not sure if this is for some reason mocking the idea or just adding a silly post to be silly?
Shield + drakefire is doable and interesting.
Double halberds is just absurd and not at all feasible so…

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Whereas a drakefire with the only disadvantage (that you can’t block) taken away is a much better idea?

What I’m reading from your post is that you highly doubt the possibility to balance this?

In which case I could see that being a valid concern. A ranged weapon that can block would probably do good with an inherent increase in block cost or something.
However, I believe his/her idea isn’t bad as a concept - it can be balanced by dodge range, stamina, push/block angle, firerate, maximum overheat, accuracy…

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I like the OP idea. I love drake pistols, and adding a bit of defense to them (or half the dmg output but can aim better w/ 1 than w/ 2) sounds good to me, im always happy w/ new IB stuff :smiley:

another idea could be to allow chars to pick weapons for each hand, instead of a set. So you could choose to left hand shield and R hand a drake pistol, or an axe, or hammer (and switch them out? w/ weapon switch?? :smiley: )

I think it would be badass to be able to have a shield, melee wep, and range wep and find ways to combo them (with them being a bit lower dmg than their dual drake or 2h counterparts)

I agree entirely. plenty of ways to balance it while still keeping it interesting and unique compared to other ranged weapons. ^^

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