Dwarf 1h hammer - Great weapon but counter productive move set

I find the dwarf one handed hammer to be an extremely fun weapon to use however I find the last two swings in the combo to be an issue. For a weapon designed for crowd control the last two swings are both vertical which leave you completely open at the sides. This leads to a lot of padding by constantly push shoving mid combo to keep the cleave going or resetting with a block. This artificially reduces your weapon speed and causes you to be doing less crowd control than you should be doing unless you’re in a very narrow chokepoint.

I think the weapon would be better off if the third hit in the combo was another cleaving attack with the last hit remaining as a downward strike. This would make light attacks much better off for crowd control without need to spam shove attacks to compensate.

Nothing wrong with a block cancel in every attack chain, barely makes a difference attack speed wise. Half the weapons in the game need it to be efficient for hordes.

I never go further in the combo then 1-2 block shove / Blockhit and then from the start ( If you know what i mean)

I find the weapon fun as well. Just started using it instead of 2h Hammer. But in my opinion for a onehanded weapon its to strong in Crowdcontrole :confused:

Knowing how to work a weapon move set is part of the mastery. This one is pretty solid. I actually make use of the up and down strikes when a storm vermin comes along in the middle of a horde. That down strike is a pretty decent head bop. The up one might have some extra stagger to it (though haven’t specifically tested for that).