1hand axe?

is there a way to play 1hand axe on saltzpyre-dwarf legend only?
with what characters?
bc is 1hit weapon even with slaverats and the density of horde at some point is to big to manage it. and when u test in INN on dummies stack up 3 dummies close to each other axe hit 3 targets :frowning:
i can see the point to use it on buntyhunter bc u use 90% range^^
zelaot? maybe with 20% crit bc if u crit u hit inf. targets idk?
dwarf idk…
in vt1 cata salz-dwarf is a gr8 weapon
but here idk is like the weapon miss more hit targets.
any player-build suggestion?
in the end i feel like 1hand axe needs more hit targets in vt2

Yeah, in VT1 it was usable because hordes were not as dense, and it could one shot clanrats with a hit to the head. The falchion in VT2 is overall a better axe, more cc, still can kill easily and has good dodge.

I guess you can use it if you have a team with good crowd control and you stay close to each other, but I really wouldn’t recommend it for many reasons. One is that if for some reason you get split up in a horde, or if you are the last one alive, you really won’t be able to do much against a horde on your own.

The funny part is that I remember from the first beta in VT2 that the axe was different than VT1, it was much slower but it actually hit more than 1 target, making it a slow but hard hitting weapon that actually hit at least 2 targets, does anyone else remember that or was I hallucinating?

yeah played some and u just cant do any dps when u are alone

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I used the 1-h Axe for a little while on Victor (playing on Champ, not lv30 yet though, so take my words with a pinch of salt), mostly because it was the only one I had at full Power. This was a couple of days ago, so it’s with the current version. I only got it to somewhat work on the BH, mostly because he can use his ranged to do most of the damage, and I only need to get one melee kill in between. As soon as I got one, I changed to Falchion, even downgrading to blue, and Power-wise too. All because I felt the axe was sorely lacking in nearly everything.

The cleave is not nearly enough against hordes, but that I can live with. It’s not a horde-clearing weapon, after all. Unfortunately, it fails otherwise too. No one-shotting Stormvermin, even with heavy headshot. Chaos Marauders need two (body) hits to kill too, which gets dangerous combined with minimal cleave. Rolling the right Power vs. properties might help with those, but I won’t experiment before I’ve actually built a modest arsenal otherwise. Too much dust burning already. And while it’s decent against CWs, so is the Falchion.

I feel there isn’t really anything the Axe can do that the Falchion can’t at least as well. Meanwhile the Falchion is also a good horde weapon.

Even if the Power properties can raise the Axe above the two one-shotting thresholds, it would sorely limit its possible builds. It needs some buffing, probably on base damage. And as it loses especially compared to Falchion, which is a bit too good in my opinion, the latter may need to be toned down too. Reach and light attack armor penetration might be good places to start there.

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Ironically, I think the best character to use this weapon would be the slayer because he can equip a second melee weapon that can clear hordes when needed. The ironic part is that this class gets to dual wield 1h axes, which is better anyway.

The other way I might consider using the weapon would be with the grudgeraker on dwarf ranger or iron breaker. The grudgeraker can melee sweep with its bash attack. It is a bit tricky to pull this off without getting hit because you can’t block, but might work out overall since you have tools for single target AP and horde melee fighting.

I may try this out some time just for kicks. I generally don’t like the 1h axe, though.

But isn’t 2h axe better?

sure it is but only dwarf can have it.
and u missing the point of my thread

I was replying to mrboneguy, mate. Too bad no link is shown, if posts follow one another.

V1 axe was beast. In V2 I love axe on Dwarf Ranger. Maybe because with apropriate talants I can kill almost everything with grudgerecker, but I beleave that dwarfs 1h axe a little bit different rather than Saltz. With some practice i can deal with hordes with this axe, but for some reason I just can’t handle with Victor’s axe. I am giving it a try from time to time, but always return to rapier.
So I love dwars 1h axe (even more than axe + shield and more than 2h axe). But I still don’t understand Saltz 1h axe.

A-a-a-and this might be some offtopic, but when I changed from Victor’s axe to elf’s Glaive, the game have just become so easy. IMHO glaive must be almost equal to axe, with a little more cleave.

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