1h axe

First of all havent tested in the latest patches, so if I’m wrong please tell me.

Why is the 1h axe so awful? It was a difficult weapon to use in VT1 but the horde/enemy densities have increased to the point of it being virtually useless.

Notice there isnt a single other weapon in the game thats strictly a single target weapon apart from maybe dual daggers/dual axes, both of which have advantages. EDIT: sorry for mismentioning dual daggers, almost never play kerillian.

I get its hard to balance some weapons with all the new enemy considerations but the 1h axe feels like it fills no role, for anybody, ever.

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Firstly, dual daggers is not a single target weapon.
Secondly, you answered your question yourself:

Well, the axe is my go-to for Victor, so your last sentence isn’t true. It fits my play style. Sure, the charged attacks are strong single target but the basic attacks still have some cleave to them. They just don’t have a wide sweep.
It’s the same with dual daggers. Charged attack is small frontal cone, and the basic attacks are a bit wider.

If you’re playing with randoms where everyone tries to build to be a do-all then it may feel lackluster, but if you coordinate a team then you fit a very strong anti-armor/shield role while others can be more cleave.

Why not Falchion then?

Axe has much higher armor pen. It does 80% damage while Flachion only does about 50%. Axe also does about double the charged attack head damage Flachion does on armored units. Plus, it knocks shields out of enemy hands way more effectively.

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Point taken. Still I think you’re crazy.

Play style, my friend. A niche style, but one that exists nevertheless.

I said it feels like it fills no roll which is my opinion. Does the light attack hit more than 1 enemy? Never used to in VT1 and it didn’t feel like it did when i tried it.

Dont get me wrong i used to love the high skill window, but its now very difficult to use if you play with bots and need to be able to be versatile enough to almost true solo if bad things goes down. Okri axe was my first red in VT1 and i still go back and enjoy the difficulty of use, just a shame the already difficult to justify weapon is now even less viable.

It hits few. I think maybe 2-3. The difference is it has no damage drop off when hitting those units. Most other weapons that hit multiple enemies have a damage drop off after the initial enemy is hit. It’s not one you spam up in the front line, it’s one you poke with from the back on sides getting overwhelmed. Narrow, but powerful.

I’ll make a demo vid in a bit on how I use it. Just so you can see how it can fill a role for those who like filling that role.

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it can hit up to 2 foes, but only if they stack on top of each other.

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Fair enough, imo i prefer the falchion for similarish tactics, i dodge dance like a maniac up and down the sides of hordes. Really enjoy the falchions swing pattern, consistent headshots work like a charm. I should probably give the axe a fair chance again though, maybe 1.05 gave it a solid position vs falchion.

I use 1h axe on my very tanky zealot setup with loads of stamina and stamina regen because it deals good damage with little to no investement and it has the nice benefit of having instant block cancel when you use light swings ( heavy swings are not that usefull most of the time anyway ) which makes for a quite safe gameplay.
Even though it works somewhat OK i still feel like i gimp myself while i use it and i would be better of with a different weapon so i would like to see some buffs.
Also it can only hit 2 foes if they are slave rats. MAYBE 2 clan rats but anything above and it makes it stuck in first target hit.

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