What is the place of 1h axe in beta and from now on?

idk is like the weapon have no purpose in vt2
after 2h sword buff and others i was hoping in 1h axe buff of some sort

it will be buffed like 2h axe in far future
sad thing about 1h axe is 1h hammer has 2200 deal on charged headshot and 1h axe has less deal on normal attack so 1h hammer will kill sv with 2shot without any property but 1h axe have to charged head shot to kill sv with 2shot which means normal attack is less useful against 1h hammer

also less cleave + less stamina + less movement speed when block or attack…
was same prob on 2h axe and 2h hammer before FS buff them
there is many ppl saying they are viable YES it is viable but has no good points over 1h hammer

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by far what i have in mind is more cleave, charge attack that do horizontal attack, 10-15% attack speed by default idk but a buff is needed.
1h hammer is gr8 and is a way to go on dwarf. but salz dont have 1h hammer and he have less weapon than dwarf.
u say some ppl saying 1h axe is viable? i would love to see a build for salz ofc no dwarf. 1h axe on dwarf is just a lost weapon bc how may others he have

For supposedly " high damage" weapon with terrible cleave and stagger, 1h axe can’t even 1 hit bodyshot fanatics without extra power from talent/trait.
Sure its light attack have great AP but 1h hammer and falchion can deal with armor just fine while trashing horde with ease. It definitely needs a buff, preferably increase its damage to allow hitting 1hit bodyshot fanatics breakpoint without too much investment.


I’d love it see it given raw damage to compensate for the lack of cleave, it is a fun weapon but lackluster af

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There are many guys who pm me when i say 2 chrage shot of 1hand hammer is faster than 4 bodyshot and 3 head shot for normal attack of 1 hand axe on reddit

Funny thing is they insist 1hand axe is difntitly faster than 1hd hammer when kill sv and they blame me as noob

weak weapons Like 1 hand axe, fire sword maybe get no love long time becuz of these ppl

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