I love dual hammers

Dual hammers are great. Out of all the new weapons, I find these the most satisfying to use.

  • That clunk when you pop heads with overhead heavies
  • Uppercutting bad guys into the air with the second light swing
  • Weaving in a pushattack followup overhead to bonk weakened enemies on the head
  • Juggling the corpses of trash enemies while you bully their friends

Their attack pattern is simple and predictable. Attacks flow into each other well and there’s no clumsy block cancelling to get to a particular attack I want. The timing of heavy attacks lines up well with both dodge regen and the enemy swing timer, which means I can easily find and hold a rhythm. I never get caught off-guard by wierd changes in the direction of my next swing (I’m looking at you, elven axe). The feedback from hitting an enemy is spot on; Each swing feels weighty and forceful and enemies act the way they should when they get smashed with a big chunk of metal (or two).
They have a sense of control that’s missing from some of the other new weapons.

Their massive CC potential and mobility makes them feel powerful without having to rely on raw damage. Their lower burst damage and lack of armour pen on light swings means I have to actually fight groups of elites instead of just oneshotting them or light-spamming them to death. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. There’s no satisfaction in winning if you always have overwhelming firepower.

Good job on these. They’re proof that weapons don’t always need raw killing power to be fun to use.

Edit: I just saw that you buffed them. I’m not sure they needed it…


I am excited to try them out after this update personally. The increased stagger, and slight speed should make them feel much better.

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I’m looking forward to trying them out. They were already pretty brutal on slayer, so I’m wondering if the extra speed boost on light attacks might be too much. We shall see.


I’m just checking them out in the Keep at the moment, but I do like that their push attack does damage v.s. armored skaven, unlike 1h hammer. Their range is out of this world though, they might need to change that.

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That attack speed when you proc swift slaying is insane.

I didn’t expect the change to their range. They felt like they already had a longer reach than, say, dual axes.


It’s going to be crazy on Slayer for horde clearing with swift slaying like this lol

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They needed it.

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What makes you think that?

Yeah I enjoyed them a lot as well even before this buff, they felt really good on slayer in horde-scenarios, with the option to just pull out another weapon for any armor that need killing (not that they’re bad versus armor per se, just hard to get those charged attacks out and hit where you want in a horde).

Maybe it was a case of the weapon being great on slayer and average on the other careers (like many other weapons, kind of the same way some weapons are fantastic on unchained/zealot), because I didn’t give them a real try on RV or IB.

They’re probably going to be way too strong on slayer as a result of this buff, though.

IMO dual hammers are a bad design choice. Simply they make 1h hammer obsolete, especially vs bosses, where dual hammers deal a lot more damage with heavy spam . Dual axes have like 0 stamina, so that at least somehow makes them a bit worse than 1h axe (also 1h axe has higher crit chance). But here? No such balancing moves in sight.

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A few of the DLC weapons make others obsolete, but that’s not really what I was getting at with this thread. I was more talking about how they feel to use rather than how they compare to the other options.

Also: They’re insane on slayer after the buff (a bit overbuffed for this career I think) and very good on IB. I’m still getting used to them on RV…

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I’ve been messing around with them on RV mainly. They really seem to be a horde clearing weapon on this class, but are very poor at boss damage and damage v.s. CW. I find my self having to simply focus on close range specials and horde clearing. This feels a lot like the spear before BBB, except more useful. It also forces you to use ranged against tougher enemies, which is what the class is all about. What I am noticing is that the 2nd swing often misses the target with dual hammers. You can see it several times in this video, but specifically at the end:

They are not that bad vs CWs, on charged they deal the same damage as charged dual axes, and that’s their go-to strike too, so there isn’t much difference here. On monsters - yeah, heavy spam is less effective than light spam of daxes.

Yea, I guess average is a better description of them v.s. CW. It takes around 6 hits.

6 or 3 “dual” hits?

6 dual hits (I think), unless you crit. I don’t normally count how many hits it takes to kill something, but it’s definitely more than 3 swings.

I think their damage-per-hit feels right, but their speed is a bit much now.

It’s around 6 dual hits on average. Has anyone else noticed the 2nd swing missing? I posted a video of it above.

I like the aesthetic and sound effects of the dual hammers a lot. I don’t like its effectiveness, though, on a non Slayer. While they look, move, and sound great, I just don’t find them very good.

I’m glad I asked, cause it turns out why dual axes are not the best choice vs CW: heavy attack 15,5 dmg.
Same for dual hammers. Thought they are actually way better than that, since 1h axe delivers 15,75 on charged attack.
1h hammer also delivers 15,75.

So at least vs CWs 1h hammer is better assuming it hits faster with charged attacks than dual hammers (does it)?

I’m currently averaging 18 dmg v.s CW with Dual Hammers, 22 dmg with Dual Axes, 22 damage with 1 Handed Axe, and 22 damage with 1 Handed Hammer (heavy attacks on all). This is running attack speed and crit chance properties. 1H Hammer seems to be around 1 second faster than 2H Hammer from the few minutes of messing around I’ve done. It is also more likely to kill in 5 hits instead of 6. On top of that, Dual Hammers have the tendency to swing high, resulting in an unwanted head-shot, and consequently less damage.

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