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Done some testing on the new weapons, as well as the changes to BoP and thought I’d share it with the community, as well as provide a thread for people to condense their feedback:



Not as cleavy as I thought from the dummy testing. Dispatches with everything easily however, be it CW or shielded enemies.
LIght attacks will get the job done against hordes, but if you’re alone you’ll have to move a bit and employ the occasional push attack combo to create space. Clear time is good though.
Light spam is your go to and it will kill everything the most efficiently, only resorting to heavy strikes to stagger CW reliably as well as pop shields.
Only weak area seemed to be against bosses as the Stormfiend I faced seemed to take very little damage from hits, even heavy strikes.
Didn’t struggle with anything

Elf Axe:


Really solid weapon. Lands somewhere between dual daggers and glaive, in terms of functionality. Daggers get the same jobs done, but has less alpha damage, whereas the axe is just straight direct damage. Made it feel like it wasn’t really an elf weapon.
Playing with it, the only thing I could think about was how awesome it would have been if THIS was the 1h axe for bardin, instead of the copy paste that is the 1h axe for saltz and bardin currently.
It has everything bardin needs. A moveset that is actually a mix of the 1h hammer and the axe, but with the right mix of cleaving attacks to make it work without the headshot potential that saltz has because of his height. Not an elf weapon, but a bardin weapon. She should have gotten an axe dagger combo or something. This is not the right feel for her in my opinion.

Dual Hammer (DHammer):


OK so these are forking lazily done… Basically the 1h hammer but slightly better. Light chain spam will obliterate hordes, without the weird l3 and l4 you have to go through with the 1h version, and the heavies are stronger…
Tested on IB, couldn’t be arsed to do it with Slayer as well. I see no reason to have this over quaxes or daxe+2handed hammer the way the game is right now. If you like daxe+hammer I guess it’s an upgrade for you.

Falchion & Axe (Falx):


I see a reason to play the rapier over this, but purely for style points and if you’ve learned how to make good use of the rapier pistol. Other than that this weapon literally replaces the Falchion and the 1h Axe to me. Even the attack arcs are sublime, getting headshots constantly.
Works insanely well against everything, particularly hordes and mixed groups, while still being very good against CW. Monsters take a beating as well. The only thing it doesn’t do is pop shields.
If you thought the elf Sword & Dagger was good, wait till you try these bad boys.

Sword & Mace (SMace):


Like dual swords before they got a ton of CHC, but with more damage - and wielded by a mongoloid goblin with weak wrists.

They work well against unarmoured, but is pretty weak vs armoured. Monsters you sort of have to rely on your push attack to do solid damage.
Only anti armour move you have is your push attack, but you can use the heavies in a pinch as long as you hit the head.
I like the look of the sword, but the mace (cudgel) looks like something designed for a gothic inspired SM party sex toy more than a weapon.
Overall the WEAKEST by far of all the new weapons, but tbh i really liked their balancing.
They felt satisfying, their main strength being hordeclear, but because they have pretty low stagger I found that I had to utilise all the tricks in the book; Dodging, Push/push-stabbing, etc. was all things I had to do, just to manage a horde. They struggle with armour, but are not useless, and have no way to pop shields, but you can wail on them enough to open up shielded enemies in order to kill them.
After the bots got horribly rectally gaped by ambient CW/Maulers+SV Patrol+Horde+Specials+“walking over a ledge for no apparent reason” wombo combo I fought an entire SV patrol, and for once I got that old feeling I got back when the game came out… You know, the one you got when you actually managed to kill a WHOLE STORMVERMIN PATROL ON YOUR OWN, while fighting a horde and some maulers and a couple CW.
Even if underpowered in comparison to basically every other weapon in the game, I’d rather have this be the reference point for balance - a weapon that has clear strong sides, but also clear weak sides, but never being useless in any scenario, just better at certain things.

New BoP (reload version):


I really like the new mechanics of reloading and being able to shoot stuff in bursts. Balances its use out nicely without becoming a walking turret of gunfire.
While clearly underpowered in comparison to most ranged weapons, the one I most closely compare this with would be Kruber’s Repeater Handgun - which is miles better by comparison. Not gonna get into that here though.
What I do think is that the BoP in their current state should be a reference point for future balance. This is a weapon with a clear identity. Great at killing specials and elites when necessary, but cannot be overused. Clearly is wasted on hordes, and is not efficient against monsters or super armour.
So if anything, balance the “powder” weapons in comparison to this one and you’ll get somewhere great in my opinion.

Lastly FS should reclassify Packmasters from monster to infantry, so fireball and hagbane (they have 3x multiplier vs monster) aren’t able to poop on them so easily - I also think it would balance out the damage output of other weapons against this “Special” nicely.


I have one question, some weapons from your description sound awfully good, are they really superior to “,normal” counterparts? I don’t want to support any kind of pay to win (more often) policy, and replacing rapier for Saltz sounds rather extreme :slight_smile:
Wonder how good is 1h axe for Shade, did you test that too?

They are awfully powerful. Like I said it requires a lot of skill to have the rapier compare, and there’s no reason to pick the falchion besides the instant block capability on that weapon (which i consider a bug), and the axe only offers the ability to break shields. Emp 2 handed sword also pales in comparison, as Falx will deal almost as fast with a horde, but having better capabilities for dealing with armour efficiently. The tradeoffs are not worth it compared to the raw power and versatility of the Falx.

Crowbill is a straight upgrade to every weapon when it comes to effective dps
The dagger offers a little more mobility and maneuverability, but it’s niche. Mace affords more control but is “harder” to use and deals less dps overall. Fire sword is still king of CC, but the dps disparity is very high. 1h empire sword is still good and versatile and is close to the crowbill, but where it is better in a hordeclearing sense, it is worse against mixed enemy compositions and weaker against armour.
So overall the crowbill, if you’re looking at what is most effective at killing things while having a healthy amount of cleave and utility is just the best overall. The sound it makes on impact is annoying as hell though.

Didn’t test the Axe on Shade, but I doubt it’ll yield better results than the dual wield options or even H2 on the spear. It might though, but practically I doubt it’ll be superior. Like I said, I find its capability within the game to be similar to what you do with the dual daggers, but you sacrifice maneuverability and speed just to get a bit more direct damage. I do think it would be a perfect replacement for Bardins current 1haxe however.


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