After doing all dlc challenge + new weapon + bop feeling + some suggestion

Before release, i blamed dlc for dual copy weapons…

but i must say, NEW MAPS are really awesome

these finding rune for 4th map, legend challenge which is needed teamwork and map designs themselves are really good

i give you 9/10 fatshark! really perfect dlc i dreamed

about new weapon

sienna : her new weapon is really great against armored while can deal well against horde
but i felt her new weapon is not good for last stand map because of low cleaving
combination of horde + armored is very hard compared to her 1 hand sword
very good when your team stands with you but
surviving only yourself situation, it was not good
though it is very powerful when you doing harder better faster + vanguard combination deed

elgi : her new 1 hand axe is actually upgrade version of human and dwarven axe.
it has BBB light attack ap dmg of axe, 4 chain attack which has no clunky term between last combo of light and staring combo of light + 3rd or 4th and counter attack has more cleave than their axe.

However, becuz of balance failing, elven 1 hand axe is not good compared to her other melee
cuz her other melees are very good so even this upgraded version axe is not looks good

saltz : like others said, yes it is good especially when you compared it to axe, falchion and flail XD

kruber : with buff, like saltz’s new weapon, it is good

dwarf : also good but it makes me think why duel axe is slayers only
i think duel axe for ranger and IB also looks cool

good point : efficient ammo economy against boss, especially pack master
bad point : now you cant clear SV pat, CW pat, can’t kill boss
10s ult talent become useless, potion trait like decanter are trash for him now

BUT i am satisfied with NEW BOP
becuz of ammo econmoy aginst monster type and i usually use range for special only

other things i want to say

  1. will you make purple version of new item’s red?
    and give them to owner of both bogenhafen and BTU
    purple skin is dam cool with wiz, shade and victor
    show your love to players who show their love to you

  2. deed is soooooooo rare
    let bogen chest rewards deed when it gives you dupe
    tbh, bogen has no worthy even with new dlc map policy
    or make weekly deed(7 per week)

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