If big thing in dlc is these things... disappointing

Another hacker who opend 1000 legend vault with hack did data mining and found some codes for new weapons

Sadly, there are 5 for each heros and 3 are dimb lazy work if it is real

Just duel wielding version of existed weapon
Falchion and axe for saltz
Sword and hammer for kruber
Duel hammer for bardin

Crowblahblah for sienna which is looks similar with halberd when i search it on google
1 hand axe for elf…
I know 2hand axe is code name for glaive so eleven 1 hand axe is different from humans but really why dont make well designed weapons like fire whip instead of lazy duel weapons?

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That sounds pretty egregious! Do you have links? Pictures? Videos? Screenshots? Were you watching a stream where they opened 1000 legend vaults and data mined the process? I am slightly confused but would like to know more if there is more to know.

If you have things like usernames, don’t post them here, just submit directly to the FatShark bug team.

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Ok I can confirm your dual hammers for Slayer it was shown officially here:

Whole thing: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/345845864
Today 16:00 CET is another stream (very soon).

@Fatshark_Hedge aren’t you ashamed that you didn’t even beat every map on legend? :wink:


Sounds pretty cool to me. Maybe I am easy to please.

People have been asking for new weapons.
I have seen a lot of people asking for Dual Hammers and a dedicated AP weapon for Sienna.

Of course, cant please everyone!

@Fatshark_Hedge aren’t you ashamed that you didn’t even beat every map on legend? ! :wink:

Me? Not really, I’m not very good at V2 :smiley: Not sure on the relevance though!


Can you confirm any of those claims?
Are we going to find out in the stream that starts soon?

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The Stream at 16:00 CET was a couple of hours ago, the stream in question is the one you linked a clip from above.


The source originally was this Reddit post. As such, a few names for potential new weapons pulled from the game’s files aren’t really anything more than speculation fodder (although apparently tonight’s stream officially confirmed one of them).

As things are, FS will draw disappointed (and angry) reaction from certain parts of the playerbase no matter what they do. They seem to be bringing in new weapons now, something that has been asked since the release. And yet this is the reaction. Would more recolored cosmetics have been better? At least, we will now have stuff to actually try out besides the maps.

I for one am waiting the DLC and its corresponding update with curiosity. If the datamined weapons and weapon pairings are actually what we get, they seem interesting to test out at least, and hopefully will bring out something new to their wielders’ kits.

In any case, we’ll see what happens in a few days.


Finally watched the whole thing.
So you won’t be answering any questions, off to analyzing that 30s then.

Finally watched the whole thing.
So you won’t be answering any questions of to analyzing that 30s then.

Correct :skaven:


Well said.

One-handed wood elf axe, yes please. Sounds savage A.F.

Lol, hate train has no brakes. This stuff looks awesome


How are they going to work though? Will the DLC maps be available to everyone through QP like bög? But the weapons are only if you own the DLC?

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