What and When will have new weapon?

As we know that the next DLC is going to be set in the Chaos Waste, with most likely either a new Enemy force (Deamon) or simply with Special (without Infantry/Elite)

But each DLC have introduced a new weapon for each Character

  • SoB-> Introduced new Illusion
  • BtU-> Masse and Sword, Dual Hammer, Elven Axe, Axe and Falchion, Crowbill
  • WoM-> Tuskgor Spear, Throwing Axe, Spear and Shield, Bill Hook, Flaming Flail

The GK DLC introduced 2 weapon (Alternative use of already existing weapon)
->Bretonnian Sword and Bretonnian Sword and Shield

If they go by theme:
Norsca/Chaos Waste

Kruber: 2h Axe (Danish axe) Based on the Norscan tribe

Bardin: We don’t know much about the Norse Dwarf, but on one of the official picture we can see one with a Sword on him (Maybe because trees are rarer than in the south)
We could have a weapon based on their main export (Onikrudaz stone) or on the fact that most of their enemy are way bigger than them (Hence Great Weapon alternate use)

Kerrilian: No idea what she could have (Maybe a Sea Guards weapon?)

Saltz: Kislevite Sword ? No Idea what could be done

Sienna: No idea, maybe a possibility of doing Melee Torch (To keep yourself warm ?)


Kruber: Kopesh (like a mix between an Axe and a Sword)

Bardin: Spade ? (Like we have a mining tool already)

Saltz: Scimitar and Tulwars pair

Kerrilian: Ancient Bow/Nehekharan Bow (Twice Re curb bow)

Sienna: Sun Staff, Spell would be “Withering Heat” (AoE, like the Conflagration staff but does continuous dmg in a zone)

Etc ?

Or are they going to introduce new weapon without any correspondence toward the DLC ?
We have most normal weapon already (Bardin for example has pretty much all the Weapon that he can get apart from 2h weapon with shield) in the known/local lore so they kinda need to branch out toward different culture (and please don’t do Asian Martial Art as they are quite overdone by other game)

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