All ranged DLC weapon

Since we know that Saltz will get a ranged weapon for the Chaos Waste DLC

The Duckfoot pistol (seem to be multiple, maybe like the BoP)

Do you think that it can be an all ranged weapon DLC
The current weapon count [Ranged/Melee (percent of ranged weapon]

  • Kruber: 4/12 (25%)
  • Bardin: 6/9 (40%) (already has had a DLC ranged option and will most likely have 2 new melee weapon with the new career coming soon)
  • Kerri: 4/9 (30%)
    -Saltz: 4/7 (36%)->5/7 (41%)
  • Sienna: 5/6 (45%)

So the one who really need/could use a new ranged option seem to be:
Kruber: He already has a lot of melee choice at the moment but not a lot of Ranged option
Maybe Javelin of Rotating Pistol

Kerri: She is an elf and has the lowest ranged weapon, doesn’t make much sense
From the Wood Elf faction:
Possessed Bow: would really necessitate to have a good aim
DragonTooth Arrow sadly it would be the same as Hagbane bow
Swiftshiver Shards sadly it would be the same as LightBow
Hail of Doom Arrow sadly it would be the same as the Waystalker ability (?) or it could be turned into a Fragmentation bow (Explode on impact)
Spite could work as a thrown or a pet that shoot the enemy
Gwytherc’s_Horn: Buffing ? maybe?

From the High Elf faction:
Quiver of Fire ( Warhammer Quest) would be to similar to Hagbane bow
Quiver of Shattering ( Warhammer Quest) Armour Sundering ?
Dragonhorn: Buffing ? maybe?

Sienna: She has the most use of her ranged weapon so she could really use a new Ranged choice, after that I have no real idea of what she could have

It kinda pissed me off that Martin revealed only one item then said he coudn’t talk about the rest, next time footshrek does a stream martin should call the real CEO and ask for permition.

Ah, so that’s how you calculate percentages!

I'm sorry, but it cracked me up :grin:

It was to make it easier to compare :sob:

I get the intention but if you have 5 ranged weapons and 6 melee, you don’t have 83% ranged weapons, but rather 45ish% ranged (5 out of 11). :wink: :+1:

I see what you mean, i’ll try to change it a bit later

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