DLC weapons

Saltzpyre and sienna’s DLC weapons are way too strong. They are way too good at clearing hordes, killing elites, and damaging mini bosses. They need to be tuned down.

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I haven’t unlocked Salty’s weapons yet, and I don’t like saying this about a Sienna melee weapon, but it does a lot of damage very quickly against a lot of armor types.

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Looks like there is a problem with crits for sienna’s crowbill, hence it’s doing insane damage to all armor types.


Sienna’s crowbill is insane right now. Unchained can oneshot headshot a Legend stormvermin with a LIGHT attack. The heck? Seems like the damage profile of armored and unarmored is exactly the same apart from the 4th light attack. Was there any playtesting for this weapon for balance?


Not to mention it’ll two shot anyway if you happen to miss the head.


IMO they are intentionally releasing OP weapon to attract pay2win crowd. Then they will tone them down once christmas sales are over.

THen how come only 2 of the weapons are OP?


3 actually.

Why only “Saltzpyre”

I played with a Dwarven Ranger who was doing the same with the Dual Hammers.

I fail to see why this is magically and mystically different that Bardin’s DLC weapons either. They are doing the same things.

On top of that the Rapier is still better against Hordes than the Falchion/Axe. I know that because I had to switch back to it in a party that didn’t have enough horde Clear and kept failing mission.

Once I swapped to Rapier (WHC) we cleared it with no problem.

So I think you’re over exaggerating this problem.

Unless of course you were talking ZEALOT…

Well YEAH a Zealot IS going to be able to do that with them the same way a Dwarven Slayer will do with EITHER Dual Axes or Dual Hammers.

I highly doubt this is a “weapon” problem.

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Crowbill is broken as hell on Unchained, needs some tweaking, I’m all in for a heavy hitting armour piercing weapon! But with that attack speed it renders all other weapons pointless.

And I want more burning attacks, there’s only 1 in your light chain.

As for the Dual Weapons, they all are a bit too strong in their own way. Dual Hammers imo are fine but close to being too good.

Saltzy’s weapons however…along with Kruber’s set. We deleted Blödvarr Braineater within half a minute without greater problems. As Bounty Hunter, Knight and Unchained. Definitely a weapon problem, not just a career one.

I suggest you actually play salts on legend. None of what you say is true.

Only the axe swing on the dual weapons pens armor and that is but one of it’s three swings. imho all the two handers pales in comparison next to their single handed counter parts.

Crowbill is strong on Unchained yes. But Flame Sword is still such a strong CC and AOE tool aswell so it depends on what you wish to be better at.
Where the crowbill truly shines is on pyro/bw.
Since the crowbill is basically a better version of the 2h mace. Just spam light attacks and use some Dodge and everything dies.

Mace & Sword is probably Krubers strongest weapon right now, and by a pretty big margin too. Have you played it since they patched it?

It does amazing DPS versus armor (as well as staggering a bunch), the heavy attacks are easy to mix in with the lights for whenever you need them, the push-attack is ridiculously good and the mobility is just the cherry on top.

Saying his 1h counterparts are better in isolation is very strange to me, and probably means you’ve either not played them post-patch or you’re using them incorrectly (somehow).

Also it depends om career of choice, of course. I’ve been having a fantastic time with them on Merc, and so maybe using them on huntsman or footknight makes them seem less stellar to you?
Although I’m pretty sure footknight should be able to reach a 1-hit breakpoint on SV with both attacks from a heavy headshotting, if you use Glory Hound. Which would also be ridiculous, of course.

I played many time with all new weapons.
I think all of them are fine except for Kerillian 1 hand axe, it is underpowered, it should hit head more ofte and do more damage to all enemies.

Yeah, Kerillian’s axe is slightly underwhelming, but it still does extremely good armor damage, so it does something. It just doesn’t really . . . stand out as being super strong like many of her other weapons.

No he’s telling you the truth with regards to the Saltzpyre Falch/Axe and the Saltzpyre One handed weapons.

The One handed counterparts for the Saltz weapons all have a stagger. The Axe/Falch doesn’t. Its only good at killing fast, not keeping crowds staggered. So the only way they can be used in a horde is to use them the way the Dwarven Slayer does with a lot of Dodge and Block Dancing or just keep swinging.

The Axe/Falch is definitely better than the One Handed Axe, but that’s about the only thing it beats and only on the Charged Shots.

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Correct. Soft targets, melt them all day. Anything with armor using the two handed option at least on salts is very underwhelming on the stagger AND the damage for charged attacks.

Roll with it on legend and see how many charged attacks it takes to bring down a Chaos Knight even with headshots.

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Yeah I hadn’t considered that from the Zealot standpoint. From WHC Standpoint the Charged attacks are really good on CWs, but then again they are Overhead attacks so double headshots, and WHC uses Deathknell for bonus headshot damage.

I hadn’t considered on Zealot that would not work as well.

EDIT: The irony of that is that for WHC they are also worse against Hordes than they are for Zealot due to the Zealots Ult.

I’ve been using the dual weapons for zealot and they seem fine. With 6 stacks I think I was 3 shoting CWs. And with chaos on the weapon, plus chaos and infantry on the charm. He can 1 shot fanatics with normal left clicks.

The elf axe seems a bit weaker than the other characters new weapons, but it’s not bad. For comparison, elf was the only class I didn’t kill 1000 enemies with while unlocking the red skin from killing all the Lords. I manage to do this with the rest of the careers. Then again, she has really good ranged which I tend to weave in with my melee.

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I literally just “rolled with it” on deathwish with Zealot and both damage and stagger are absolutely fine versus Chaos Warriors, they weren’t a problem whatsoever. So yeah, not sure what the whole “play with them on legend and you’ll see” argument is about.

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