Sienna does not need to be like Saltzpyre (and other things)

Seriously Guys WTF?

If I wanted to play the “one hit from death strategy” I would play zealot and not Unchained. To get back the Crowbill speed you nerfed I have to play high overcharge so now vent actually screws me and one lucky hit blows me up.

The patch? Huh? Is your idea of freshening things up basically just packing in more enemies and giving them more hp? (Was this the same dev who came up with the “turn out the lights event”?)

And the expansion I have eagerly awaited (After playing this game for thousands of hours)… A whole new map! Yes a single brand new map! Sweet Mother of God it’s a New Map! A single map… what do you guys actually do over there? Did all the original devs leave?

Oh and this:

  • Also nerfed it while I was at it, reduced speed overall by 5%. <3
    Insult to injury, I will just carry the a flaming torch from here on out so they can find my stuff when a pink rat downs me cause I was too hot.

Try Harder,

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