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Typically I have fun in Vermintide, and sure i’ve had my issues with the game but recently this is just simply absurd. Every single map I play now feels like FoW on crack if im trying to do a true solo, 3 bosses a map every time, thousands of enemies constantly, like I spent 1 hour kiting around the fields in ATG just killing stuff because it never ended, at least 40 shield guys blocking the 8 ambient Chaos Warriors that pulled from mars, and its all fine and dandy if it wasn’t for the bugs, every chaos warrior and mauler would glide across the map, heck I even tested on handmaiden and they were outrunning me… OUTRUNNING ME after a dash speed pot dash with conc, and they were already back on me, just super speed skating to me… then you factor in, getting hit while blocking, getting hit while pushing, getting hit 100 times by the same mob because there are really 100 mobs inside of it, cause hyper density, getting hit through shield mobs, axe which is supposed to have shield breaking do nothing to shields, you name it the list goes on for hours. Couple that with braindead balance updates (seriously why is shade still so overtuned? its braindead) and this is the least fun Vermintide 2 has ever been.

Run in a 4 man, its literally a joke walk in the park fighting nothing but ambient mobs, have legend games with 5 specials killed then play solo 82 specials in 1 game moving quickly, constant hordes ect.

I’ve heard it depends on hosts CPU, so, do you host when you play in a team?


Well, maybe that’s why. I have my doubts about the CPU theory, but there may be a grain of truth to it :slight_smile:

This post was made in extreme frustration at the multitudes of stupid garbage you sometimes run into during this game, my apologies, the point still stands but ignore the tone. I just dislike when arbitrarily a random legend map solo becomes harder than FoW.

Use \n

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Actually I did a couple of such runs the other night. It looks like the director sometimes just snores a couple of lines and it doesn’t stop until you close the game.

This is for example a regular Athel run (at least it should have been):

Immensely fun, albeit frustrating for the QP teammates.

Athel for me has always been roided out for some reason, im not sure why, I think its because waves seem to pull every ambient in their path.

Yes, Athel is no walk in the forest, but we four have 1300+ kills between us and Sigmar knows how many more did the guys who then left. One time we were ambushed while we were killing the previous ambush with all 8 hands. I might be wrong, but after 500h+ in game, it just felt wrong to me. Maybe it’s the same thing - just throwing this in.


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