Why is every time I come back to this game, it is in a worse condition then it was previously?

I mean… It’s been 3 years that the game is out and nothing has been fixed for freezing and random disconnection error, even worse, it freezes and crash even more then it ever did. I tried to play today on Xbox Series X (Run super smooth compared to the Xbox One) and I was able to complete 2 game on 10, decided to uninstall the game and rant here. I left the game almost a year ago because of those issue and every time I tried to come back, it was worse then before, now it is just impossible to play. And no, the problem is not coming from my side, Vermintide 2 is the only game crashing like this + when I send a message to other players asking what happened, they tell me they don’t know they just got randomly disconnected or the game froze. I was hyped for Darktide but seeing how Vermintide 2 is not being taken care of properly… I won’t even bother. Vermintide got me into the Warhammer universe, but also made me slowly walk away from it.

So why is the game in such a bad state? Is this some sort of bad programming? Coding with too much mistake? Piles of bad programs, pilling up on each other every new updates?

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Basically this.

Fatshark doesnt have the manpower to support consoles properly it would seem, heck even PC got bugs that are 2+ years old at this point and some are actually notably causing problems. And when PS4 got the engi update they also got a large part of the bugs package that PC got despite getting the update months later.

They run a team with around 100 people and notable backup from Tencent.
That “just a little Indie Dev” Meme hasn’t been true for years. They simply failed the architecture so bad that fixing bugs would mean rebuilding the game from scratch and they didn’t care enough to do this in the beta so they won’t do it now. They run V2 on a skeleton crew to churn out the next asset-reuse million dollar title as fast as possible and and they will abandon it right away after the big money came in just as V2.
Has nothing to do with that they want to make a good product so badly but they just can’t. It’s simply not going to bring short term revenue. Fatshark is an indie studio with the greed of an AAA publisher.


What the funk are you smoking? Gimme some of that :rofl:

We´ve gotten a ton of content updates to the point where new content in terms of maps* basically exceeds the amount of old stuff. We got 2 new careers and a third is nearly there. This aint the looks for an abandoned game in terms of getting new stuff.

“edit” We are still a bit short on weapons and careers though*

As for greed, you have one hell of a fun timing mentioning that just as we are about to get a big update basically for free unless you also want a bunch of new weapons which are sold in a bundle.A bundle that will cost about the same as a average pizza on the cheaper side. A cheap lunch out on town in other words.

That aint what greed looks like which anyone who´ve used to hang around with ubisoft or EA would know. If they made Chaos wastes you´d be grateful if the “new locations” deal cost about 15-25£ and each weapon was priced for about 3-4£each ontop.

A new career would not cost 4£ but more like 10 and 15+ if you also want cosmetics.Winds of magic with the weaves? Would probably cost more than the base game on launch.

The only really bad things about Fatshark is that they suck at fixing bad code and they lack good marketing&communication plans, that´s literally it.


A bit of a stretch. But for the most part I agree.


Eh true, i phrased it poorly as i was thinking about maps but for careers and weapons we have not gotten so much.

The game really seem to be a turd covered in gold. I understand what @ImNotARatSienna is saying, they are greedy but on a smaller scale. They try to lure us in their game with those beautiful graphics and epic/intense gameplay… but the game is unplayable. I mean… the 1 thing important for a game is that you can play it, and I can’t. So no matter what arguments someone would use to fight me off… it is futile. We don’t care about anything at this point, we just want a game that work. I’d rather have to pay more for the game’s update and being able to play, then receiving tons of new free updates that I can’t enjoy anyways. Because of this, I just can’t pull the trigger to buy Darktide when it will come out… I just can’t; I feel like FatShark is like EA… I’d love to play some EA title, but everytime… they are garbage. They just can’t make a smoothly working game, and it feels like it is just because they don’t care, they know everyone will buy anyways, no matter how smelly the turd is, as long as it is covered in gold, it will sell.

Basically this.
Get real - get a real rig.


Nobody says Fatshark are the worst devs there are, but you’re stretching the case for sure. You’re aware that majority of updates we had cost actual money? And that a lot of these content updates are just reusing Vermintide 1 maps/assets and just combining weapon models from the current game to make a new one that players will buy for money?

And if I agree with anything the guy above you said, it is that they’re probably taking the similiar approach with Darktide.

Funnily enough I’d describe Vermintide as gold covered in turd. The base game is fantastic. It’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played and the best melee combat there’s for me. But that gold base is covered with bugs, meh community management, poor optimisation, rare updates and generally just confusing development path the devs are taking. I would love to see Vermintide 2 in alternative reality where devs never created Winds of Magic, never created Chaos Wastes and would just focus on polish and improving the base game and increasing it’s content. More weapons, more often rebalancing, more maps, more enemies, more sanctioned mods and better mod support.


Re-using asssets isnt as simple as just taking them from v1 and putting them in v2, there is a fair lot of work in between there. Work made by guys counting their salaries in 2500£ a month or more, likely more. And how many months was there between each of these DLCs again? How many people were working on it?

The costs of production aint low even if they were able to skip a lot of the worst work with maps like BtU or drachenfells.

I honestly do not think they´ve abandoned vermintide 2, but i and others do suspect that the problem is just that their programmers are not up to the task which is what causes all these problems. Especially with bugs that keep coming back which shouldnt be possible.

Of course you could argue that they ought to buy in some people to “fix things” but the problem with that is likely that a fix might be remaking it all from scratch depending on how big the holes are.

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