So many broken stuff

Xbox One Player here.

One would have hope Vermintide 2 wasn’t a mess like the first game that never got patches for the biggest problem, but nop. Vermintide 2 is worst then the first game for now (I know it is new, but I’ve been told this the whole first Vermintide life spawn).

  • Game loading while joining randoms can be as long as 8 minutes. Seems to be worst on the first mission.

  • Joining players making the BOT disappear makes the game way harder then it should. Especially when it takes up to 8 minutes for someone to join.

  • Game freezing constantly, sometimes even shutting down my console. Seems to happen a lot more on Quickmatch and on certain maps. I haven’t play a day since release without having a crash of some sort.

  • Ennemies magically spawning in front of you.

  • Ennemies missing their hits that still hit you (you can see the tip of their weapon far from your face and you still take damages.

  • Taking damage before the enemy finish his hit animation.

Some more annoying problems:

  • Bosses starting a hit animation on another players and suddenly twist over you and hit you

  • Too many special unit spawn, sometimes we get the feeling that the game is calculating how to make the players fail and it gives a sense of unfairness. This is like playing against a BOT on a chess game, or any game that BOT have an advantage (such as a memory game for exemple). Having to kill 6 flames throwers and 3 assassins in about 2 minutes can get really annoying.

  • Game not warning you of special unit (lack of sound effect or character speech) resulting in a whole group surprised of a hook rat/assassin or poison bomb. The leech doesn’t seem to have any problem thought, the sound is always there to warn you.

  • When joining randoms, it feel like the game absolutely want you to join a lobby in which your chosen character is already chosen.

  • Wave of ennemies not coming/slowly leaking 1 by 1 through a long part of a level resulting in a lot of backstabbing.

-King of being forced to play quickmatch for maximum rewards chances. My BOT are better then 90% of all the players I met and when I say better, it is A LOT better. I was able to solo a champion mission with them (The elf temple in the forest), never succeeded any with randoms on quickmatch.

  • Almost always the same missions on quickmatch. (Everyone I’ve played with keep complaining about this one)

  • Lack of different mission style such as Black Powder or the grain level, and Survival mode

Vermintide 2 is a fun game, but lack a lot. Could be a lot better if at least some of those things were fixed/revisited.
Any of you experienced or feel the same as what I mentioned above? (At least some as I’ve seen similar post around reddit/steam).

I was level 118 on the first Vermintide game. I ain’t a professional player but I am good at the game and I feel like Vermintide 2 is a lot more difficult then the first game but mostly for cheap reason… it feels like an artificial difficulty.


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