What happened to the game?

-Entire hordes despawning and respawning behind me. Getting hit by the enemies while they are invisible.

-Invisible specials. I can hear them but can’t see them. They are still invisible even if I get disabled by them.

-Mini boss instant face spawn with absolutely no warning whatsoever (issue since launch but is now 10x worse). Literally had a Bile Troll fall out of the sky.

-Mini boss teleporting halfway across the map and lands on top of me.

-Bile Trolls and Stormfiends facing other teammates but I’m getting hit by vomit and warpfire (WTF?)

-Mini boss randomly going invisible then somehow lands on top of me then going invisible again but I can’t move or dodge even though there is nothing actually blocking me. I am only able to move when the boss reappears on another teammate. Still take damage from mini boss attacks even though they are not on my screen.

-FPS dropping to single digits during hordes and all of my attacks going completely through enemies.

-Getting downed by single slave rat at full health even though I was blocking and had all shields up.

So, Fatshark goes on vacation and the game all of sudden breaks? I could understand if these things happened once or twice but it has been happening every single game in the last 2 days! It’s so incredibly frustrating that I can’t play the game at all.

Please come back, the game is broken!

Will be taking a hiatus until the game is fixed. Thank you.

EDIT: Today’s game my ping was all over this place. I play with the same people and the same person hosts all of the games. Until this week, my ping stays pretty stable between 100-155 but today it was jumping from 145 to well over 200 ping. I NEVER had any of these issues since I started playing this game until this week.



^^Ping was fluctuating between the 140-200 range every 5 to 10 seconds and it’s NEVER done this before the entire time I’ve played this game. I’ve been playing with the same people since February (same person hosts).

Again, I had none of these issues until this week and I had been playing Vermintide since the CBT (took a break between April-October).

Something happened with the game and if it doesn’t get fixed, I will be unable to play. There’s nothing wrong with my computer. I had no prior problems until this week.


Can you try recording some footage of this kinda crazy stuff? I think that’d really help the devs figure out what’s going on. I haven’t seen anything like that on my game.

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This is the most bizarre feedback I have ever read on the game. I have seen some glitchy stuff happen, but nothing like any of this. I would also like to see a video of any of this happening in game.


I can’t record video because my GPU doesn’t support it. I did send all of my console logs to the customer support center.

Windows game bar minimum requirements: Geforce GTX 600 or higher
What I have: Geforce GTX 560

I can’t even record on the OBS or Xsplitter programs. I get error messages saying, “you do not meet the hardware requirements to record.”

I understand thats on the very low end, I don’t know anyone thats playing this game on such hardware. But that could be causing alot more problems because there’s just not enough raw pc horsepower for it. I imagine the game has never been hardly playable?

My game is fine… you really should upload some more details, dxdiag, console log, (you know the stuff the template asks you for when you make a post in the bug forum)…

well you’re above the min requirements there but barely. What’s the rest of your system like?

Majority of these bugs are most likely tied to your PC and lag.

Any ping over 100 is going to cause issues. Especially with a game like this, where a split second makes a difference with blocking and dodging. Sorry, but you will most likely need to upgrade.

The reason you’re getting hit by warp fire is because they changed it to stay on the ground for longer. And judging by your GPU, you are running the game on the lowest settings. Which means you can’t actually see the warp fire on the ground. I’ve tested this multiple times and you can not see green fire on the ground with low settings.

Blocking is also tied to FPS, with really low frames, as you stated in your original post, single digits. Attacks can go through your block. Other weird things start happening as well, such as attacks phasing through enemies. I tested this back in the day when I would rush the map with HM and pull every mob/horde etc without killing anything. A single slave rat can down you on legend with the squishy characters if you have both grims and the tiniest bit of damage. I think they can hit up to 60 damage.

I’ve never seen an invisible special, but again, this could be tied to you PC hardware not being able to keep up with the game. Especially if you’re hosting, judging by your GPU, you’re CPU is probably below spec as well. And the game is very CPU dependant. As all the enemies pathways and attacking etc is tied to it.

There was a well know bug with bosses where they would turn invisible. But it’s been fixed for a while, I haven’t seen any indication that it’s back.


Well since the last patch I cannot join any reasonable ping (<100) games.
I know they changed how ping is measured I assure you that’s not it. A jump from 50 to 200 isn’t normal.
So I’m permahosting now. Anyone else noticing this?

Nope, did 5 random QPs this morning. All were great ping… Weird. Do you have the setting under network set to find games up to Far? Or medium?

Also, @Haxorzist Do you have the mod for countries in lobby browser?

Are the countries listed near you, or is it messing up. I’m in the middle of Sweden and can get decent ping to pretty much all of Scandinavia, 2-40 ping.

Can confirm this. FS decided that one of the elements of the game that actually damages your character can be just disabled in video settings. I’ve played before I upgraded my PC, and the ground trail from the warp fire is indeed invisible below certain graphics settings.
It wasn’t an issue when it was purely cosmetic, but now when they have made it actually burn you, it becomes yet another problem that needs fixing.

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I’ve been having the same problems as well.

I play with the same people, with the same host, and prior to the ping change, my ping was stable.

Now, it’s all over the place and fluctuates rapidly in a short period of time.

It has made the game completely unplayable. I didn’t play much since they changed the way the game calculates ping. I’ve been busy with the holidays. I came back to play this past Thursday and, well, the shish kabobs really hit the fan.

They need to revert the ping changes. It’s completely garbage and unplayable for me. I never had so many problems like this until this week.

P.S. I know about the Stormfiend ground fire doing damage. I was not talking about that. What I was saying was the fire the Stormfiend was shooting was hitting me even though I was behind him.

I run this game on medium settings since February and everything was fine until now. I have no idea what happened. I don’t know what’s going on. Everything was fine until I came back to this game after the holidays.

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Yes that was it (mostly).
I set it to “near” manually and that seems to have worked before or was at least counted as “medium” but now it was “far” or even something worse.

As you can see on my profile here I’m from Switzerland. Countries I see in my browser are: Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Czech, Dänemark, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Finnland, Russia, Spain and much more if the browser would be able to show more than the top 30 (300 ping for Singapur is it usually).

Now is it messed up? Not really but for steamworks? Totally! This incompetent program cannot deal with it.

I can see lot’s of places up to Singapur and that’s probably the “problem”. Steamworks is strange I don’t know what it attempts to do but it most certainly does not find the best game for you. I think that this system attempts to gain the best game experience for everybody. Meaning it first tries to connect people with the worst connection to their best and so on. Because I have moderate connections very far and they are listed as medium and far in the region of Switzerland I get connected to these potatoes.

Before the update I had a 40-60 ping average (medium range). I don’t know how you got down to 2 ping FS own net-code was horrible enough in V1 to get 40 ping in LAN but let’s assume they actually improved something then 40-60 is not a desirable result when there are literally countless of <10 ping connections around me.
Now I get 70-90 ping (medium range) that’s probably the inflation from the implemented changes to better show the actual ping. Now it makes sense maybe FS’s net-code wasn’t actually bad maybe V1 just showed the ping more accurate as well but maybe it’s not who knows.

I noticed that the DX12 screenfreezes of 0.5s are back and they also come with visible and lasting connection drops of +~100 ping for 2-3s.

Follow up:

Why do I think I don’t have a bad internet connection myself? I can see all those places and say that the lobby browser shows the top 30.

I don’t have the fastest Internet around but why do other games manage to get really good connections? And it’s just this game, Teamfortress 2 (meet your match update; the horror still prevails) and maybe Dota 2 (don’t play it competitively never looked into it).

I actually do not know how it is sorted I only know that it doesn’t show more than ~30 games.
Also I’m sure that there are connections to Moskau (capital of Russia) to me that easily meet 60 ping but the further you go from the capital the worse it will get. I don’t get why a system like steamworks would want to work with regions. They do not matter only the actual connection does.

I’m going to try out Sweden and see if I can cheat the system.

I play with the same people and the same person hosts all of the games.

My theory would be either your connection is wobbly or theirs is, or that something on your hosting friends end is causing this to wig out. We’ve not made any changes since the last patch and it sounds like the issues you describe aren’t related to that update as you note it’s only happened in recent days.

I have not been having any unusual issues with the game.

My wife has a ping of 1 when she joins my games. If I get matched with people around Stockholm, normal ping is like 2-10. Even connected to a guy from Malmö and only had 6 ping. You said you’re gonna change your download region to Sweden? Let me know how it goes, I’m curious.

Me either, mine has been fine except when one friend with an old pc hosts xD

Ok I’m now stationed in Sweden and I must say the ping is better here 50-70.
I even beat my team members in ping even dough im connecting from further away. I assume the ping to be the measure from every member to the host and nothing else. Please correct me if you have better info on this.

Do you see this on other party members as well?

I just noticed that connections and qp searches are logged and I found out that my “near” was utter garbage as the game calls it as “close” there.
I also noticed that a normal qp search will result in 99% “wrong level” fails I truly hope that means wrong difficulty otherwise there is something fundamentally brocken.

Yea, most people are average around 30-50 ping. I did have one game with my wife and 2 other Swedes from the next cities. Entire party was below 10 ping.

I have seen some weird stuff with pings tho. We have an American that plays with us sometimes. And he will average around 100 ping. But if we remake the game because of a crash or something, he can join back to the same host and have 140 ping. Nothing has changed besides restarting the game…

Maybe. I just don’t understand why this is happening. I don’t even meet the minimum requirements for the Rise of the Tomb Raider game but the co-op in that game plays way better than in Vermintide 2 for me right now.

I tried playing 2 games in V2 last night and I was hosting and was still lagging out really bad. I checked my connection speeds but it’s the same as it always has been. There weren’t any invisible enemies but I was still getting hit through block and getting hit by enemies AFTER they have died. Seriously though, if you kill a Chaos Warrior, he shouldn’t be able to still hit you with his axe :confused:

I tried using the Geforce Experience to optimize my game and it says it has been optimized but seems to be running worse than ever now. I’m literally at my wits end with this now. This game ran so much better between October and November than it does now. The ping going all over the place and the terrible framerates dropping to single digits during hordes is making the game unplayable for me.

I was able to run this game fairly well between March-April and October-November so if you have any other suggestions that I could try, I would really appreciate it. So far, nothing else has worked.

I only play this game on DX 11 because the one time I tried it out on DX 12, I was welcomed by massive screen tearing even with VSync on. It was so bad, I couldn’t see anything but a giant blurry glob of colors.

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