Falling off map/Instant death

First off I would like to say that Fatshark put out another incredible game and I am eager to match and/or exceed the 600+ hours I have already put into Vermintide 2 with Darktide. I trust the devs to flesh out the current issues post launch and the people of the internet will hopefully calm down as no game launches without issues.

With that said, I do want to voice one concern that I don’t see being posted all too often: please fix the issue with poxbursters launching you off the map to an instant death as well as the many areas where you can easily fall straight off the map (death vs incapacitated/hanging). In VT2 you would rarely get blown off the map, rather it would incapacitate you by hanging you off the ledge for your team to save. I know everyone has experienced being yeeted to oblivion by a poxburster or monstrosity but on multiple occasions I instant died dodging off a ledge where there was a small pocket with no railing. The latter is obviously my fault but instant death isn’t what should happen. I wish I had exact locations to give the devs on where I experienced this but I am still learning the maps.

I hope this is already on the list of things to fix! Keep up the great work!

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