Fatshark, if I may politely ask with some constructive criticism. (Event still buggy)

I originally posted this topic to the bugs forum but instead I feel like this small little rant would do better here.

I was told by Hedge I can repost what I put up since he accidentally hit reject on the approval queue. You’re okay Hedge, we all fudge up, no biggie.

The event map for the anniversary, I love this idea. I love how the voice actors sounded like they had tons of fun recording those drunken hero lines for it. I love the idea of taking existing maps and flipping it around and opening up entirely brand new unseen areas of the map to be explored to fend off the pact sworn.

However, It’s nigh unable to be finished in the current state it’s in. Whenever I host the map? Crash. Whenever someone I know hosts it? Crash. When? About the majority of the way through the tavern brawl holdout when the Megalodon catches on fire and that second wave of those 5+ chaos warriors drop down from above the stairway.

I’ve been unable to finish the map in it’s current state because of the constant crashing. I have never, ever, in my almost 700 hours of playing Vermintide 2, have ever come to the fatshark forums themselves to legitimately criticize and complain about issues in the game. Sure, I’ll joke on the VT2 discords for Fatshark and Reddit’s Squirrel Squad both that “lmao fatshark can’t fix game xd lrn 2 dev. They only have interns test stuff while they’re all on vacation 24/7” I’m just giving them some banter. It’s all in good fun, even then a lot of the bugs I’ve experienced from the beta and launch kind of grew on me and made Fatshark even more likable with how silly some were.

Stratosphere jumping space program slayer Bardin? Hilarious, I miss it. Hook rats pulling you through the level through the floor and out of bounds? Hilarious, frustrating, but hilarious. Tomes falling through the floor? It’s endearing despite how aggravating it is. RV and IB Bardin and WHC Saltz being able to friendly fire with their AoE career skill shouting and even kill themselves with it? That was hilarious. HM Kruber and RV Bardin getting free hella damage crits off cloak when they tried to fix and adjust Shade Kerilian? THAT WAS LEGIT ONE OF THE MOST FUN TIMES I HAD IN THE GAME AS A BARDIN MAIN.

However, now. With how buggy the challenges and the event map is in terms of crashing and being unable to complete it? This is in fact, one of the least fun bugs I’ve experienced in this game. I have almost 700 hours into Vermintide 2 since it’s launch last year and is easily one of my top 5 games of the last year. I love this game more than Left 4 Dead 2 even as it recently surpassed my 650 hour play time of that game. I was a light Warhammer fan, knew a tad bit about fantasy, didn’t really know anything about 40k. But now after playing Vermintide 2? I’ve grown a LOT MORE interest for the franchise despite my disdain for how Games Workshops handles their own properties. Fatshark has truly made one of if not the best Warhammer game in my personal opinion.

With my 700 hours almost on VT2, like I said, I have never once submitted a crash report ticket, personally tried to contact any of the Fatshark community managers to pass on messages to the staff, or whined on the forums. I’ve mostly kept a level head despite my many frustrations and love hate moments with this game over the year. Nothing really irked me in the game enough to do so.

However, with this event. This event is so fun and so interesting in concept I wish we could see more maps like this and I hope the Winds of Magic expansion will bring more like this. But, I cannot enjoy it in the current state it’s suffering from. I tremendously want to finish it, even used a lot of my dust to roll a specific build for it on RV Bardin to handle the sheer amount of elites in the map and to keep my team alive and topped off as much as possible. I sincerely want to play this map as many times as I can before it leaves. But, alas. It’s unfinished by me because of the constant crashing and constant bugging out of the challenges. I have zero progress on either challenge outside of the ravaged art challenge. Whenever I manage to get a good team to get to the tavern brawl part on legend, things fall apart. Hosts will crash and disconnect everyone. Making all that effort and play time for nothing.

Fatshark, I sincerely want to see you improve this game as much as humanly possible over it’s lifetime and I hope you continue to support it more than you did for Vermintide 1. I will defend this game despite it’s many flaws that it has managed to develop, overcome, and produce new ones from the old. However, out of my long play time on this game this is the first time I’ve ever felt inclined and agitated enough to be constructive to actually reach out to anyone on the team over the forums or email. I want to finish this event, I want to replay it over and over again. I just can’t simply because of all the issues it has.

It’s an event, so it will not be here forever. That saddens me, to say the least. Seeing how as I cannot finish it in the current state and list of issues that plagues it. I feel as someone who loves to do as much as possible in this game, who’s dedicated a lot of his steam and PC gaming free time to Vermintide 2. I feel personally cheated and let down because the game wants to give me the middle finger and just say “Too bad, so sad, go tell your dad. Baby.” and crash my game or crash any hosts I join. I’ve SEEN people with the borders! How? No matter how many times I try to finish this, it ALWAYS crashes me if I host or any of the other hosts I’ve joined.

Fatshark, as someone who’s given a lot of his free time over the last year to your game. I simply ask, for a fix and some form of recompense. How you ask? I BEG you guys to extend the time of the event if and when you manage to fix it.

I have never in my whole time playing this game have felt this let down and frustrated, this is the first patch the game has had where I have submitted multiple tickets regarding crashing and issues. I ask, as a big fan of this game. As someone who wants to see it constantly improve and grow. Please, Fatshark. Extend the time on this event, and fix it. I have tried and tried to come up with ideas and fixes whenever I crash. I do not have a crash log copy paste on me right now, but when I do play later, I will happily post one on this thread once one of the community managers sees it.

I eagerly await, and pray for a response from one of the community managers, and hope they pass my heartfelt message on to the team. I know you all deal with some hot headed players with this game. I know you have to deal with outlandish and ignorant people who get stark raving mad at everything the game throws at them and they instantly rage on the forums or reddit about it. I know fixing things takes time.

But please, I want to do this event. I want to finish it. I want the game to do well and grow. But I simply can’t right now because of the problems it has. I implore you, Fatshark. To please just extend the time on the event and maybe address some potential fixes and causes of these issues.

Thank you if anyone or any Fatshark community manager has read this far.

Have a great day.


I hear you. We’re very disappointed that didn’t resolve this. I’ve planted the seed and asked if extending the event would be an option, depending on when we can nip this crash in the bud.


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