Happy anniversary,

… bugs!

So, here’s a couple of things that I could recall offhand that are at least 1 Vermintide II old:

  1. Crappy hero outlines - either they are absent, or glitchy, or showing just some part of a hero’s outfit or whatnot;
  2. Sounds are still screwed up;
  3. Joining a game still removes a hero from the party while the player is loading except the other way around;
  4. The menus are still screwed up - starting a map vote with an open chat window still does not return your input to the game. It is still possible to cheat deeds. Numeric UI is still a mod. You still cannot skip any freakin’ animation at all;
  5. Enemies are still ice-skating and hit you earlier than the animation shows it;
  6. Hyperdensity is still an issue;
  7. DX12 still stutters;
  8. Lobby browser is still adolescent and featureless;
  9. Maps are still skippable, achievements are still bugged and cheatable which kind of devalues the effort you put into developing vanity items associated with them;
  10. You can still get stuck or even get downed in maps walking through seemingly unremarkable terrain;
  11. Ratling gunners still shoot through stuff, assassins still leap without winding animation, sometimes back-forward, blightstormers still cast through walls in underground areas;
  12. Ult key press can still not register.
  13. Burning objects like Vic’s hat or Sienna’s hair still have no effect in the darkness;
  14. Enemies still spawn and despawn in plain sight;
  15. Tomes can still fall through the ground;
  16. Bots are still useless imbeciles;
  17. You still can’t do anything with items equipped across careers. You can’t even unequip them, all the inventory management in general is still a pain which everyone tends to avoid altogether.

Those are just from the top of my head. Someone can add to this I’m sure.

I mean, come on. I’ve ranted about it before, but if it seemed legit then, it is ten times as legit now when every DLC just piles new bugs on top or breaks something that had been fixed.
I paid for the open beta that was masqueraded as a release. I then was stupid enough to get the Bog DLC, but now I just don’t know if I want to see another set of nice gameplay features literally buried under and outweighed by dozens of bugs.

Mates, get your feces together, make some actual quality of life changes to the game before summer.

  1. Current game version still crashes randomly even with 0 mods loaded.
  2. Chip damage taken even when clearly holding block (thus resulting in death if white hp)
  3. Enemies clip through everything, each other, the players (and get free hits through block)
  4. Current game CRASHES at random.
  5. Tripping/getting stuck on a rock/book/piece of wood when I’m able to walk over most everything else…
  6. Climbing up a ladder backwards (resulting in death) because you were dodging away from something and just happened to be near a ladder.
  7. Silent patrols spawning (especially when they spawn literally on top of you)

I’m sorry, but when I pay money for a game, I expect it to work 100% of the time. Not spend MORE money to help fix ongoing issues.

  1. Poor optimization causing a bunch of different issues on different systems.
  2. Battle Wizard ult is a buggy abusive mess.
  3. BoP has no 3rd person reload animation leaving teammates wondering what Salz does for 8s.
  4. Miss matching 3rd person animations.
  5. CPU still influences difficulty by huge margins.
  6. You’re still not able tho join another player after the previous host quit/crashed.
  7. No dedicated servers or host transmission.
  8. 180’s are still a thing.
  9. The controller Hud items are still in the wrong order and are smeared with symbols of peasantry.
  10. Consistent ammo counter is still a mod.
  11. Friendly fire on score board is still a mod.
  12. Diverse miss matching illusion item avatars.
  13. Strange private qp hosting.
  14. Host qp games is still a mod.
  15. Still not able to select max ping for connection.
  16. You can unprivate deeds to annoy lots of people.
  17. Still able to salvage cosmetics.
  18. Diverse deluxe rapier illusions still use stock pistol and only 1 of 3 possible other illusions is ever used.
  19. You’re able to host qp twitch games with the default UI but not with the controller UI.
  20. Immersion breaking, cheap and op dual wield weapons only have two illusions despite being complete copies.
  21. Still able to see in dark areas by downgrading ambient lighting.

You rly belive in this? Heh…

Well, when I think really hard about it, no, I don’t. I think VT2 has two basic life cycle phases:

  1. Push out as much planned content as we can while the playerbase is still there, worry about bugfixes later;
  2. The playerbase has declined, the codebase is Tzeentch’s jumbled mess, so why worry about any bugfixes?

I can’t comment on all of these, as they’re not really relevant to my usual play patterns or otherwise I haven’t noticed them, and I certainly agree with others, but I do have something to say on a few…

That’s something I feel works mostly fine, but the rules for their workings are unclear, and this makes them seem very inconsistent. There certainly are some true inconsistencies there too, but a lot of it is probably the unclarity of the rules.

Not a bug, I think, but a problem nonetheless. Taking away one character in the middle of a run (even temporarily) does create additional (and unpredictable and unfair at that) difficulty, depending on the situation it happens in.

My strongest gripe about your list is this one. It’s been mentioned (by me and others) before, but without hyperdensity this game would be a whole lot easier - too easy, really. It’s also an aspect that’s predictable (though sometimes unavoidable and occasionally imperceptible) and can be manipulated. There are aspects of it that really should be changed, as they end up being blatantly unfair: enemies standing in the same spot, same animation and reacting the same way (resulting in weapons not dealing with everyone in there and effectively unavoidable damage); half a horde wave attacking at the same time; small enemies standing inside larger ones. But mostly I just think it’s a part of the game.

This I find arguable, as it would create certain inherent inequality between the characters, even if only at some situations. Making Sienna act as a walking torch would be cool, though, and add some sense of realism (and consistency; her blasts do light up the way, after all).

That on is, I’ll say with some certainty, on purpose. They’re also predictable, so you can play to their abilities somewhat. Actually, the way I hear it, they’re certainly bad in a way more predictable way than a lot of random players, so also more popular.

Luckily, a mod can help this - on PC. I agree though that this is a significant enough QoL issue that it shouldn’t be left to a mod to deal with.

And as for the people who typed their responses faster than me…

Ladders - the bane of gamers in almost any First Person game, and at least a few Third person ones… I think ladders should generally require a specific action (like a general action key) to grab, and I’ve thought so for a long time. The way they’re usually done, they’re practically almost always either too sticky, or too hard to get onto (especially from above). Which one is the case sometimes depends solely on the situation.

You probably mean “not join another player and actually continue the run”, but I guess that’s mostly pedantics.

More pedantics: Persistent ammo counter (at least if we go by the mod name). But yeah, this is particularly baffling as the controller UI actually does constantly show your ammo, leaving the usual PC UI as a downgrade.

Also leaving any QoL improvements to the shoulders of modders is somewhat questionable, as it leaves the console players with a way more annoying version of the game.

And just to add my own: Certain graphical settings have a huge impact on the game’s difficulty in some situations, namely the darkness in Hunger in the Dark, and the fields in Against the Grain (the latter especially for the dwarf).


1h sword has 4 stam, 1h flame sword has 3 stam
1h axe has 3 stam, DW 1h axe has 2 stam…(what…)
2h axe/pick/halberd has 3 stam, glaive has 2 stam…
Spear has 5 stam…??? (and NO AP trait)

Na just the fact the transition to a new host once your previous one quit will just count down from 100 and never work.

What you meant is:

Hm, it’s true that I haven’t seen that working, but I’ve put it to the fact that I always quit out of it instead of waiting…

actually… if anything… this is a balance for low light conditions. Sienna and Saltz can be a source of light while bardin and kerrillian can just natively see better in the dark. Kruber…???

Yeah, I have no issue with dense hordes that is a normal thing in a horde-fighting game. What I meant were those idiotic cases where enemies occupy exactly the same volume. Just aggro a skaven patrol on the Skittergate first descent and watch them climb up the catwalks looking like some giant metal centipede because they are performing exactly the same action in exactly the same spot.
Or remember when you are fighting a CW acing his moves and stuff only to get hit by a mauler in his bloody “I’m gonna get you on the end of the world” running-hitting animation where his torso and axe just appear out of the CW’s belly. So that.

And jeez, yeah - I forgot all bout the dedicated servers and the Sigmar forsaken scoreboard which still cannot even freakin’ outlie the “damage taken” number properly…

And don’t forget the invisible yet damaging residual warpfire on the ground.

I don’t remember V1 having this issue and it wasn’t easier at all maybe the insane spamming design that could easily be turned down a bit is to blame?
Also there are a lot of fake mechanics that could be used like the game is to make it both fairer (no instant death by 30 rats stabbing you at once) but put you at greater risk of being surrounded. And one of these solutions is:

Enemies can pass troughs each other but always push each other aside.

This will naturally spread them out and even surround (a bit) you once they decide to stop moving anywhere.
I’m not even talking about a big spread here (quite dense hordes but not stacked). Big mobs affect each other as well but always push smaller ones aside.

This is not very demanding and will look way better granted the push can look ugly if it happens way too fast.

V1 had a ratio damage mechanic (very noticeable on Nightmare and above) where the more rats you are surrounded by, the less damage you take from individual attacks. Where as if you allow a single skaven slave to take a swing at you, even at full health, it can down you in one swing if it is solo.

V1 certainly did NOT have a waterfall effect with mob clipping and they certainly didn’t clip through the player and take a free cheap shot through block.

Devs! you did it right the first time, how the hell did you botch it up the 2nd time! Get back to me on this!

It wasn’t an issue in VT1, true, but I think it’s due to inherent changes between the games. I can’t remember all of it, but j_sat did some pretty interesting bits of research about it last summer, and iirc commented something about the changes too.

At the very least, the slot system required some tweaks and was almost rebuilt for VT2, due to larger hordes and the presence of larger enemies. The enemy amounts in particular are something that brought in a lot of the density issues.

The dmg reduction is still a thing here in V2. It si used to a very similar effect of reduction the dmg of marauder and below down to ~25%.

The thing here really is the stacking that does it.

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it’s in V2 sure, less noticeable for a fact. But I never had all 9 of my stam shields on IB melt away in seconds because a river of mobs fell on me in V1(bardin’s red shield/hammer was INVINCIBLE!) as it does in V2

VT1 definitely had waterfall issues and hyper-density. Those terms were coined in VT1. It also just had less enemies in general, so it wasn’t quite as noticeable.

I think the real issue behind hyper-density is that having the game detect all the collisions that would occur between enemies would be a much bigger burden on the game processor. And like others have said - I don’t really want it fixed. I mean, it does suck to have a Mauler or Marauder hiding IN a Chaos Warrior. But it’s kind of a trade-off, the game would be so easy and dull without it.


That reminds me, I built a 360 degree block angle shield on bardin with 9 shields… I backed up into a horde while kiting an ogre and I instantly melted…couldnt even react with a shield bash to knock them away…

That is BULLLLstool

Hmm… Now that I think about it, the problem really isn’t the density itself, but the animation timings. Even if the enemies are stacked in a single location, as long as they don’t attack all at once it’s quite fine to deal with, and even if they’re clearly separated (though still dense), when fifteen rats attack at once they will eat through your defense - and health. Though having some collision detection for the bigger enemies (Maulers and CW’s, mostly) would be a good thing to prevent the small ones hiding there, unreachable.

Also yet another unfair annoyance: enemies teleporting behind you and stabbing you in the back without warning, even when you looked that way half a second ago.

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