Here's an idea for Fatshark

Instead of doing cheap gimmicks for the game’s anniversary, how about you get to work and fix the damn game!

Seriously getting tired of the same ole same ole bugs that have been around since the Beta from February of last year.

-Face spawn bosses
-infinite horde music
-infinite boss music
-enemies spawning directly in front or behind player already in attack animation with no audio cue
-an entire horde spawning on top of group already in attack animation killing everyone in 1 second

and for the love of everything holy in this world please fix


The chaos berserkers make noises when they run and you get hit markers when they hit you from behind.

The plague monks are completely silent when they run, you get no other audio cues when they are behind you, no hit markers when they hit you from behind, and they don’t make any screaming sounds until you either turn around or get downed.

My friend begged me to come back and after the I saw the current state of the game, I realized it was a HUGE mistake to reinstall it.

Fatshark, you should be embarrassed. The game has been out a year now and it’s more broken than it was during the beta.

You might want to either find a new career or work on a different project because you’re running the game into the ground. You keep this up and there won’t be anyone around to play it.

Just like the original Vermintide.


The game is not nearly as buggy as you claim for me and hasn’t been for a long time. My plague monks are always audible and have hit markers, haven’t seen a face spawn or silent spawn anything in ages, I did have an issue with music not playing the other day but restarting the game fixed it.

Are you hosting and still using your same computer that barely meets required spec? Because I’d wager that is the problem. Fatshark has put a lot of work into improving the game and everyone with a decent computer seems to be reporting that things are getting a lot better.


There has been a steady and fairly consistent method by fatshark of addressing the issues you claim to experience though patches and betas. I have not experienced any of the issues you have highlighted for many moons, and in fact the plague monks wailing now happens long before they even appear. It could be possible that running the game as a host on a computer with the processing power of cauliflower cheese might be causing the issues you experience. Please [insert post about being victimised here]


I haven’t seen these sorts of bugs in the time I’ve played this game. I’m not saying they don’t happen, but it’s possible as other people are suggesting it might be because your computer doesn’t meet the minimum specs. That said, if your computer does meet the specs and this is actually happening, I’m sure FatShark would be happy to look into it. Maybe record some gameplay of it happening and put it in the bugs section of the forums.


Like the other replies state: the issues that do still occur, like infinite horde music, is so rare and specific it can easily be ignored. It can also be bug reported if it occurs and it bothers the person experiencing it.

Other than that, welcome back to the forums and congratulations on a totally non-toxic post!

  • Music : I can’t say, Since I deactivated it in order to hear my suroundings and specials more efficiently.

  • Face spawn boss : Very rare

  • Plague monks : I agree they don’t make sound until they are on top of you. And no “woosh” aswell or it doesn’t occur before the time you get it. So yes that issue is very, very annoying to me aswell

  • Gutter runner : Since they tuned it to avoid “spawn attack” they are way too silent now, can’t hear them anymore. No “sss ssss sss” sound or anything.

  • Not a bug but a “new feature” I dislike is that in order to gain in performances, they made it so that mobs despawn when they die in case other rats need to spawn. Sometimes a rat or elite don’t even have time to hit the ground and they just disappear. So it’s not nearly as immersive as it was before… and it’s just a hit that a new wave of rat / chaos mobs spawned.
    Seeing my targets fall on the floor was something most satisfying.

To me : Plague monks & assassins are the most annoying thing in the game right now.

I haven’t encountered a single issue you mentionned for the past 4 month at least…

Honestly I didn’t played the game much in January/February cause it’s boring without friends, and I didn’t feel I had much to do, but seeing what they’re announcing to come and all, I don’t think Fatshark should be embarassed… I mean they have fixed a hell lot of issues, they have made huge steps on the balance, even if it’s still meh, and they seems to be ready to roll out new exciting content.

I really hope this issues stop for you :confused:

Hedge has responded to you privately via the Support Portal. Locking post before this heads downhill.

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