Love the game, but so tired of all the crash and problems. feel free to add more issues in the comment section in hope of getting some of the most known fixed

Hey, i have been in the game since early Vermintide - end times, i loved that game as much as i love vermintide 2. But and yes there is a HUGE but.

This game has so many issues right now it is unbearable to play because of all the random crashes etc.

A few Examples of many more out there:

  • crazy fps drop in any game, any mode, any host, any computer. (latest patch/Dlc update issue)

  • ultimate’s that is not working in slopes(battlewizard as an example).

  • Models not blocking properly when rats coming from above or below with
    charge attacks etc. (slopeattacks)

  • In general never fight in mountainsides or stairs because it is sure to kill you

  • Talents that does nothing.(not working)

  • Out of balance classes that will never be needed in a highend game because
    they are in general badly balanced troughout the talent bar.

  • the talent bar shows no creativity whatsoever when it comes to different
    types of builds. Pretty much copy/paste on all characters.
    (meaning you don’t have much freedom on how to build your character for higher weaves, there will always be one way that is better or worse) hence why i say badly balanced.

Many attempts have been made to fix this already, every time new or old problems come back even in the full release of the Dlc’s.

If this game is going to survive at some later point the dev team actually need to look into some of the massive ammount of feedback community is giving on BUGS and fix them.

  • Stop creating more non kreative content and other stuff that give us players
    nothing in return/reward anyway. (like the last 7 levels of athanor that does
    nothing at all.)

I enjoy the new models and map and mode but still everything feels like it is set up to be done with a set gear and character.

Everything still feels like one huge tunnel because of the restriction from invicible walls and dropdowns in normal gameplay.
Make the game more open again, let us be able to go back and pick up a forgotten grim or tome. or just backtrack for strategic purpose.

PLEASE fix the game before moving on with new stuff, as it is now it is dying slowly for me atleast.

Love/hate from a massive fan of the game.

Gonna edit every now and then for actual feedback later on.


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