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more and more I am hearing people say the game is less stable. im pretty active in the community and see and know many of the regular players. more and more i am hearing the same thing from them - they are starting to get more frequent crashes. at first i thought it was odd but didnt put too much stock into it myself.

then this last week i experienced 5 crashes myself.
— 2 were at the end of white rat when we went into the cut scene and no one was able to exit it (the truly odd thing was pushing the shield push still sparked dialogue but there was no way to exit this). the first time i thought it was because someone had joined at the end (we had a group of 3 humans before he joined) a nd hadnt fully loaded in yet before we went to the cut scene but the second time there was no one joining and it was a full party.
— 2 were in the inn when i opened the quest board and cashed in an old quest and tried to take a new one. the game literally froze. this is a pretty frequent crash from what i hear. one happened when i was alone and one happened while i had a mission set up and other players were waiting on me.
— the final crash was in the middle of horn of magnus. the game went wonky where everything froze except me for a few seconds and then crashed to desktop.

i didnt save my crash reports because i thought it was me. so i checked everything to make sure it was updated (graphic cards, etc). all was ok. but it made me curious enough to start asking around and EVERYONE ive talked too (literally maybe 15 people) in game in the last 2-3x days have ALL told me they are experiencing the increased frequency of game crashes. then i also see the threads in the forums here- crashes on startup, server error, blue-screens, etc.

is it possible that a recent update to windows has done something that doesnt agree with vermintide 1? if this is indeed the case would fatshark be willing to put a tiny bit of love and care into vermintide 1 to get it running smoothly again? please…


so does the silence mean fatshark is ignoring this or does it mean they are still discussing this internally?

To be honest I’m not sure what the deal is. A fairly substantial of the crashes we see there are typically GPU issues, drivers and the like. Nothing is stand out screaming at us that the game is less stable with the latest updates to Windows 10 however.

thanks. I’m still asking around trying to find some commonality

It would probably help if you start collecting the crash logs for crashes you consider important.

Windows 1903 does some weird stuff with drivers, like updating them in the background even if they are in use (!), so the game can crash if Windows updates the graphics driver, sound driver, south bridge driver, etc in the background.

@Fatshark_Hedge I do not know the internals of Vermintide, but previously Vermintide did not try to reacquire devices which “lost connection”, such as GPU during an update, and instead just crashed. Is this something you are looking into as Windows gets more and more aggressive on updating and doing stuff in the background?

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