Constant departures in a long session

Good afternoon, after a long break I decided to play my favorite game again in a new mode, but for some reason the game began to crash constantly. I tried everything in fatshark’s recommendations but it didn’t help. I also reinstalled Windows and this did not help either and set the graphics of the game to high.
I attach the last 6 dumps, maybe this will help.
system: Intel(R) Core™ i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70GHz, RAM 16,0 ГБ, video NVIDIA GeForse RTX 2070 SUPER

crash_dump-2021-06-25-13.22.14-364da580-489d-4cbf-8c00-36562aef2345.dmp (846.7 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-25-13.54.34-c70b8937-7aa4-4391-a10f-2d50701a2a7b.dmp (872.5 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-25-14.03.36-9a346f41-bbc4-4841-a1d8-418b990b5a2c.dmp (761.1 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-25-22.08.05-f9230bf2-4bfd-4f8d-b0c4-1aa8a0aca9f1.dmp (875.8 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-26-13.11.24-c8229afa-e7fd-42a0-9ba1-bd062e77aebd.dmp (895.5 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-26-14.07.42-1e8fdc2f-4504-426d-b388-8ae270046f34.dmp (885.0 KB)

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Could you upload the corresponding console logs also, please? :slight_smile:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs
  4. Locate the console log that corresponds with the session in which the issue occurred, by looking at the timestamps in the log names

I noticed that a series of simple games, the story, went well, was thrown out of a long session? in the new mode hmmm

console-2021-06-26-14.07.42-1e8fdc2f-4504-426d-b388-8ae270046f34.rar (56.6 КБ)
console-2021-06-25-13.22.14-364da580-489d-4cbf-8c00-36562aef2345.log (1.5 МБ)
console-2021-06-25-13.54.34-c70b8937-7aa4-4391-a10f-2d50701a2a7b.log (2.3 МБ)
console-2021-06-25-14.03.36-9a346f41-bbc4-4841-a1d8-418b990b5a2c.log (449.3 КБ)
console-2021-06-26-13.11.24-c8229afa-e7fd-42a0-9ba1-bd062e77aebd.log (2.4 МБ)
console-2021-06-26-14.07.42-1e8fdc2f-4504-426d-b388-8ae270046f34.log (792.1 КБ)

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Thank you, am I correct in saying you’ve tried everything in this article?: [PC] How to Resolve Most Crashes in Vermintide 2 – Fatshark


haven’t tried reinstalling

  • Reinstall the Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributables (I have Visual C ++ 2015-2019 and it doesn’t reinstall 2015 or 2017)

I tried everything else

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GUID: 599018b8-d935-4b63-827e-6decdedcf775
Log File:
Info Type:

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GUID: 95052076-2c83-4a6c-8cfb-7e0cd2a4b3bb
Log File:
Info Type:

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It seems that the BIOS update solved the problems with errors, 2 hours of session without crashes, I will continue to monitor

p.s. The old BIOS version was 1 year old, and now it is not even in the manufacturer’s lists, maybe it was with errors hmmm

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