Constant crashing, can't finish a single mission

My game has been crashing constantly for the last 3-4 days. I’ve put 650+ hours in with no problems until now. I’ve tried both versions of DirectX (12 being more stable, but still crashing after a while), I’m monitoring temperatures (everything seems to be fine), and I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Nvidia drivers. Please help me.

GUID: 7e007287-074e-488c-b0e2-e3946276ea58
Log File:
Info Type:

Can provide logs and dump file if necessary. Thanks.

HI @TheVisitor,

The crash report indicates a GPU-related issue.

It may be worth rolling back to a previous driver version, as you mention the issue is a recent one.

Also, I recommend running through all of the possible solutions here:

Hi Lev,
I’ve rolled back the GPU drivers to Not that this would mean much to you, but on the off chance someone else is having the same specific problem. Will let you know how I get on.

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Hi again Lev,
Happy to let you know my game has been very stable since doing this. Any advice on when I can/should be able to install newer drivers?
Thanks again for the help.

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Huzzah! glad to hear that it’s stable again :slight_smile:

We haven’t received widespread reports of the latest driver version causing issues - but we are monitoring things.

Hm, hard to say! You can try updating drivers again at any point, and check to see if things remain stable. Worst case scenario you may have to rollback again, skip this driver version and wait for the next.

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